After Three Muted Seasons, Austin Mack Has One Last Shot To Play A Major Role for Ohio State

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Always felt bad for AM, he seemed to have great hands and good route running, but it just never came together for him. If he can stay healthy, I think he’ll be 1-2 in receptions this year. 

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hope he rises to his potential this year!

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He has the tools, no doubt.  A "breakout" season can earn him a lot of future NFL money.  The team needs him, in more ways than one.

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Here's the thing, I took Mack to the proverbial woodshed last year when he wasn't playing well.

I don't like to be wrong, but in this case, please for the love of God, allow me to be wrong. I hope Austin Mack puts it all together this year and kills it. 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.


Mack may not have the stats but he has always been a leader. With TMac and Campbell gone we're gonna need his leadership at that position to help the young guys.

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The Buckeye depth at WR position is just outright crazy.  Hope for a great year from Mack as a Senior Leader and push the youngsters versus the other way around.


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For some reason, I now have this song stuck in my head.

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Chris mentioned it in his piece.  The first big key for Austin Mack's success this year is staying healthy - pure and simple.  If that happens, I expect big things from him.  Everything else seems to be in place.  

With every passing day, I'm getting more and more stoked about this year's team -

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Healthy and hope that his yips when it came to drops are gone.


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i don't think the author has to say we need "legit production" from hill. from what he's already  done, his production is a given.


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Just trying to say that Fields needs the seniors to be good. Obviously, it's given that Hill will indeed be good but less certain that Mack and Victor will be. I could've worded it better though, to your point.

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Can’t believe we are already here with Austin’s career. . Seems like yesterday we helped his mom get votes for his player of the year in Indiana poll


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And since Birm’s man crush on him. 

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I was just thinking it feels like yesterday we were celebrating his commitment.

But as far as I’m concerned, he cemented his legacy at Ohio State with that insane clutch catch in The Game.  It felt like the turning point.

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In that huge catch against UM in 2017, isn't the defender #28 waving a towel in the area of Mack's face?  Is using an object like a towel to block opponent's vision grounds for an interference call?  I know Mack made the catch anyway, but wondering if there is a rule against that type of play.  Also, I just noticed the beaten UM defender, #28, is the same dude that Olave and others burned several times the next year. I hope he's back again for a 2019 beating.  "Thank you sir, may I have another?!"

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We need your leadership this season, Austin.  Here's to you having a fantastic year! 

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Mack's physicality will be huge in blocking for Justin Fields.  Mack will have some highlight reel blocks that cause key TDs this year!


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Sooner or later it all gets real.

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I'm a big Mack fan (and a Big Mac fan)!  He's going to have a huge year.  

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Prime example of how fast time flies.  I am absolutely shocked Mack will be a senior this season. Seems like he was literally just in the recruiting class from a year or two ago.