2019 B1G Championship Game Tix

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Got mine, hoping to get something good, but not holding my breath.

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Another option is to wait and buy on the secondary market from disappointed fans of TTUN in December.

Hold fast that which is good.

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Great idea.  I can make a sign asking for tickets and hold it up as i leave their cesspool stadium. 

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The only way to ensure you can renew your tickets and upgrade, as well as be eligible for the presale each year is to buy directly from the B1G.

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Yep and the B1G runs a secondary market.  I got mine there for about 50 bucks after the TTUN beat down last year.  I got my code in my email yesterday.  I'll likely wait on my purchase.

Pigskins & Porkrinds

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Phil Steele predicted TTUN to win the division...we don't need those tickets this year! 

"Indecision may (or may not) be my downfall."