Ohio State Women's Basketball Releases 2019-20 Non-conference Schedule

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Looking forward to a much better season for the lady Buckeyes.

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I am a modest fan, but this past year really wasn't into it with so many grad transfers here for just one year.  Huge frosh class of both quality and quantity coming in.


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Time for McGuff to step it up.He is getting some good players but the results have not been there. These next two years needs to see a much better result or this starts becoming JIm Foster like ....much to quickly

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Great OOC schedules for both the men’s and women’s teams this upcoming season.

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McGuff is a great recruiter, but he has shown very little on the court coaching ability, especially on the defensive side.  He may need to be surrounded by better assistant coaches to handle on the court stuff.


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I keep waiting on him to screw up so bad that go for Katie Smith.

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This... this would be amazing.  Excuse me while I go camp out in front of Gene's office.