131 Ohio State Student-Athletes Named Big Ten Distinguished Scholars for 2018-19, Most in School History

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Congrats to all! This is a great thing to lead the Big Ten in!

You Got Barbecue Back There!?!?!?!

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Tressel  really deserves credit for improving the academic performance of the football team to where only Northwestern had a better APR in the BIG and we were a top ten fixture nationally.

All coach  Meyer did was improve on Tressel.

But OSU athletics in general has set a nationally elite standard academically that has been  higher than Michigan, UCLA, Cal, UVA, and many other esteemed  universities over the past decade as well. (Where is the ESPN article on this... lol)

very proud  that all Buckeye teams can excel at on and off the field at such a high level!

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This post deserves a lot more comments of congratulation!  Well done all.

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Congratulations to all the student athletes!! Well deserved honor!!

Go Bucks!

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Congratulations to all these scholar-athletes. Maintaining such an excellent academic record while training/practicing for a sport is a truly admirable achievement.

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Congratulations.  Very impressive accomplishments, and very impressive record.