Third-Year Reset: Ellijah Gardiner Battling Tough Competition on Ohio State's Wide Receiver Depth Chart

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Clean up time will be big for guys like EG. I dont expect many close ballgames this year.

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EG seems to be a prototypical student-athlete. Works hard, stays out of trouble and represents. Good luck to him!

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Gardner is one of those guys that has something in his skill set or in how he's built that made him a Buckeye. It's up to him and the coaches to find what it is and exploit it while also sharpening him up in all the other areas. Hope to see him get involved this year and catch some attention. 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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The downside of a kid like Gardner joining a program like ours is that unless he's one of those 3-star talents who develops in to an exceptional player at the P-5 level, he's going to have a hard time cracking the two to three deep rotation at WR. 

The upside is he gets the best coaching available and he gets to compete in practice against some of the nations best DBs.  He'll be a member of championship caliber teams while he's here.  And - oh, by the way - he has the opportunity to get a great education at a fine university in the process. 

Sure seems like a fine young man.  I wish him the best -

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Maybe he eat his way into TE? 

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That position group is just as deep.

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Someone needs to take over for the critical playmakers TM  and JD on special teams. That’s a huge opening.  

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If I'm in this position, I enter the portal. I have been a part of a fantastic run by OSU. I have had stellar coaching and what we assume is good development. I've given my all to help the defense on scout teams and contributed on ST. I have my name in the OSU stat book, something that can never be taken away. I thank the University and team and now go find a place where I can play. After all, players play. BUT, everyone's paths are different. 

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I agree. Stick it out this year and develop into his potential and enter portal at the end of the season to get his playing time and showcase his athleticism elsewhere. Pulling strongly for this outstanding young man

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He did catch my eye in the spring game. He will probably play minimal snaps this year but I hope he does well with the chances he gets.

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3 years eligibility left; how about a move to cornerback?



Gardner was a late Meyer flip.  Sometimes flips are for “stud” like talent, sometimes for depth, and sometimes for class size.  I wonder if Gardiner has any regrets?

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Mattering on how he has done academically he could set himself up for a fantastic transfer as a graduate and head down to UC with the years and training he has received putting him in fantastic position with 2 years of eligibility left 

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As I write this... Mookie Cooper commits. Right before that... I was thinking of how we pull for all our players to do well. But then we see the phenoms coming in and hope most of them can go from jump. I always hope these kinds of players pan out and get the playing time... But on the other end of it 1 to 2 yrs at a program like this is better than a juco program (just an example) or playing at some other less than school... Because the competition, tutelage (Hartline) and strength & conditioning (Mariotti) will prepare you to succeed elsewhere. That portal will be popping w/WR's over the next year. 

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I see transfers down the road and he could be one. We lose about 3.5 kids a year via transfers and another 3 or more to the NFL. Hard to keep folks around when the talent is so deep.