Michigan Hoops Signs Franz Wagner, Younger Brother of Former Michigan Pest Mortiz Wagner

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UM fans will claim victory for this commitment, but the real winners are the Vegas bookies because ttun fans will be throwing their money away on UM to win the National Championship. I should be a bookie who only takes bets for ttun and the Lions. I would be able to buy LeBron’s house in Cleveland in a couple of years.

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So I will just assume that Franz is pest #2.

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Meh. Holt is gonna introduce himself to Howard and set the tone.

As you were.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

I Believe In Ohio State.

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Another Wagner.

I suppose that somewhere, a fat lady sings.

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I’m glad they’re fully embracing their basketball school status.  Too bad the architect left the building and resides in Ohio.  

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Fisher is misspelled. Especially relevant in recent weeks since he’s the guy who discovered and developed an unknown guy named Kawhi Leonard. 

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Whatever, go crawl back into your MGoBlow Hole. 

Send the Earth Reverberating

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Is Franz any good? I looked him up. He's definitely the "little brother" at 6-6/190 to Moritz's 6-11/245.

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Too bad big bro wasn't named Hans.

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