Darrion Henry Chose Ohio State Due To Relationships With Larry Johnson, Ryan Day

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Welcome to Buckeye Nation!

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What are we going to do in 20 years when LJ retires?

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret, take your pick

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Hopefully, AI will have reached the point that no one will notice?  We build another.  

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Ahh dont worry, we'll clone him and the Bosas.

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So happy to see this mature and thoughtful young man commit to the program. And if anyone wonders if family matters, his Dad crying about his son's next stage in life, that tells me all I need to know as a father myself. Coaches Day and Johnson don't just recruit the athlete, they recruit the young man and his family. This is meaningful. 

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Good stuff, Colin; I really like what I have been hearing from recruits about Day. It sounds as if he’s as genuine as we were all told he is.

I get that I-71 is actually diagonal so it’s really northeast but as the interstate numbering system designates even numbers for east-west and odd numbers for north-south, that technically makes driving 71 a trip north, not east. I made countless trips to/from Cincinnati and Columbus but I have never spoken in terms of driving “over” to Columbus, as I do now living in Iowa, but rather “up” to Columbus or “down” to Cincinnati.

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As long as he makes it to Columbus.  GO BUCKS!

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Life is relationships. Relationships with family, friends,, coworkers, etc. This is a great life lesson for these young men.

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East on 71... it goes north south

Wherever you are, there you be!

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That's what I was thinking, but I am willing to cut them some slack, it does go a bit further east.

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I took as them not wanting to put that he’s heading up north. Like teams up north.

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He could have used "northeast", which doesn't lead to AA or Lansing.

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“Coach Johnson produces guys. I've got a great opportunity to come here early and play...."

Example: Urbs brought in LJ, so how can the debbie-doubters question: Day said that regardless of where he was coaching, he would have tried to hire former *ichigan DC Greg Mattison.

Johnson & Mattie bring it: cruiting, eons of experience, father/grandfather(family) leadership. *Day, staff and future League stars soak from.

It's a no brainer. It's a win win on & off the field.

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The DL class is projected to have 5 players-Henry, Hamilton,Cowan,KBJ, and Melton. That's not "won't feature very many".

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I am very skeptical that both Cowan and kbj come to osu.

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They have kept their recruitments pretty quiet-tOSU seems to be only school w/ buzz, but you could very well be right.

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And I haven't heard of Melton in the class lately, certainly not along the DL.

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I think Melton is being looked at as a LB.

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Credit to LJSR here, but it's great to read Henry mention Coach Day as well...getting the feeling he's turned a corner on this whole recruiting thing.

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I just worry about the day when LJ does retire...hopefully that is not in the foreseeable future...

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