Kalen Etzler Has “Eye-Opening” Week Facing Top-Flight Competition At Nike Elite 100, OHSBCA Showcase

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My guess is his uncle has plenty he can tell him!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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In an era of more and more positionless basketball, Etzler seems to fit the bill. He does need to get stronger. But he will likely never put on a lot of weight. As long as he learns to play tough, rebound hard, and finish through contact, he will be successful. If he does those things, I don’t care what he weighs.

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Looks as if he may have the body type that makes it hard to put on weight. Where one has to eat smaller, highly nutritious meals, but eat every 3 hours. And workout fairly hard, but smart, and give your body time to recover / build muscle. Also, a lot of toughness is between the ears.

Good luck, Kalen.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Weight room. Strength over weight in basketball.

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He needs to put on muscle and get stronger , the added muscle adds weight naturally since it is denser than fat. If he hit the weights really hard he could do that, add in a diet with higher protein and the combo could make a big difference for him. That said I don't think most basketball coaches preach that type of regimen but if your skinny and want to get stronger that is the way to go.

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Etzler said: “They're not really telling me what to do just yet, which I hope it comes soon because I'd like some guidance."

Hungry. Coach Holt can fan that flame at the appropriate time. Maturity levels obviously starts sooner than others, this young man seems to have inherited his in advance. Yes a long way to go, he's laying a solid foundation.

"I think we're both on the same page."


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I am amazed a top level recruit admits to these sort of things.  I wouldn’t have.

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Having a Buckeye BB alum as a head coach is going to be a big plus for his final two prep years.  I expect his development to soar as his body matures, he looks young enough that he may even still be growing.  


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He checked in at 6'7 174.6 lbs at the T100 camp.  That is super skinny for a guy projecting to play 4 at the next level.  He has time but no wonder he feels pushed around a bit by the other bigs in camps.  The sites listing him at 190 or 195 are just way out of touch.

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He's what 16 yrs old maybe 17? He most likely has not finished growing yet, when he does he will get stronger! As long as he can get his own shot at 6' 7" or so and moves well in today's game he don't have to be bulky. Kevin Durant is 6' 10 200 lbs, he seems to do fine. Length over rides bulk nowadays.

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He is 15

GO BUCKS!!! *ichigan sucks!!!