What Cam Martinez's Commitment Means to Ohio State's 2020 Recruiting Class

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This kid looks like a burner on film. Out ran a lot of angles on him.

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Reminds me a lot of Jalen Marshal but perhaps more speed. No idea how they evaluated him as a three star athlete. That’s ludicrous. I don’t give a damn about star rankings if we’re landing guys like this young man. Factor in his leadership qualities, versatility, and taking him from TUN’s back yard and he might as well be a five star for us. Not to mention, if the stars were ever to align and we were in need of another QB, there he is! Welcome Mr. Martinez!!

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Maybe instead of Offense vs defense, he might be the next Chris Gamble for us and goes both ways 

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Martinez looks great but does his commitment mean Mookie now?

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Other ‘great fit’ for the Program.  Welcome aboard, Cam. 

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I think the Bucks got a steal on Martinez.


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If he's expected to be a safety at the next level, does that mean Paige is likely out?

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Welcome Cam...to the Good Guys...Go Cam...Go Bucks

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You can never have enough good locker room guys and leaders. This class is overflowing with them.

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The quality of young men in this class as well as athlete is exceptional.  Cam helps raise the bar on both fronts.  Go Bucks!

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Can we get a star update based on his new position? Let him get the respect he deserves. That and this is starting to feel like a scUM class with the run on 3* lately.

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There was bound to be someone commenting on these dreaded three-star recruits joining the class. Three stars fill out every class in the history of recruiting. 

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Here's the number of 3*s we've had by year. Stud is a NFL-caliber player, meaningful contributor is just that, average contributor is a non-starter that plays somewhat regularly. Kickers not included.

This is simply meant to highlight what the recent 3*s bring to the team. A disproportionate amount of them never contribute at all during the game.

2013 - 3
Darron Lee, Tracy Sprinkle, Chris Worley

1 stud, 1 meaningful contributor

2014 - 7 (1 kicker)
Malik Hooker, Marcelys Jones, Dylan Thompson, Brady Taylor, Stephen Collier, Darius Slade, Neurenberger

1 stud, maybe an average contributor

2015 - 11 (1 long snapper)
Grant Schmidt, Robert Landers, Kevin Feder, Josh Norwood, AJ Alexander, Brander Bowen, Josh Alabi, Damon Arnette, Rashod Berry, Davin Hamilton, Blake Haubiel

1 stud, 1 meaningful contributor, 4 average contributors

2016 - 6 (1 kicker)
Gavin Cupp, Jake Wolhabaigh, Mailk Harrison, Dru Chrisman, Rodjay Burns, Jahsen Wint

1 meaningful contributor

2017 - 2 (1 kicker)
Elijah Gardiner, Blake Haubiel

2018 - 3
Chris Olave, Alex Williams, Marcis Hooker

1 meaningful contributor (or will be)

2019 - 4
Cromantae Hamilton, Craig Young, Jaden Mackenzie, Dawand Jones

2020 - 9 (1 kicker) - half the class

3* guys are HALF of this class. That's not filling it out, that's making it up. I think a couple of them will probably rise and are low for a variety of reasons. I'm just stating the facts. Time will tell.

By comparison, Bama had one last year and that was a kicker.

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This is a ridiculous take. To say that this class is made up of 3* is laughable. We have guys at nearly every single position that are inside the top 15-20 in the country at that position. Many inside the top 10. Then, in an article about Cameron Martinez, you bitch and moan about a a guy that will likely end up being one of the best safeties in the entire country when it's all said and done. And you're worried about an arbitrary number next to his name.


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He runs like he's a mixture of Jalin and Braxton.

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Braxton was my first thought as well.  The dude is seriously slippery, and apparently fast as heck.

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Also thinking Jalin Marshall as well...always great to have a versatile dude like this on board.

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While watching his tape, that was the exact combination of running styles I thought of too! More shoulders forward shifty like Marshall but his stride is very Miller. Hopefully he has the hands of KJ and the anticipation of Hooker... All to be seen though.

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That move at 2:17 was reminiscent of Braxton!

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Michigan's POTY yet only three stars? SMH. Welcome with open arms, Mr Martinez!

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I'm not a scout and I don't run a recruiting service and yes I know TSUN's high school football is not on par with a whole lot of states...but how the hell does their player of the year, with that tape, end up a 3-star?

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I try not to get too caught up with stars. I look at the national rankings instead. Anyone found in the top 500 nationally is probably one hell of a player. At 370, Martinez is damn good. Whether they call that a 3 or four star matters little in the scheme of things.

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He is a three star QB. He will never play QB here, so he is not a three star. He is probably going to start on kickoff and punt teams right away, and then be a safety. Perhaps a slot if we don't get Cooper.

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You crack me up Taylor; “many concerns about whether he can catch the ball or not”; seriously? I’ve yet to see a QB with hands of stone. 

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Let's hope he does to Michigan what Ryan Brewer did to Buckeyes.

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Welcome Cam Martinez!

They say there is GOLD in MUSKEGON(Civil War Gold).  Did the Bucks just find some GOLD there?

We will have to wait until next season to find out!  (In BOTH cases!)


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Happy 4th Cam - I am looking forward to how this plays out. 

The off season bites !!

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Welcome Cam and congrats!

Regarding the article... a little editing to remove redundancy... would improve the read. Key points are...

He's smart
A leader
He isn't going to the bad guys
And he's All Buckeye!!


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He makes teams look like they are trying to catch a greased pig!

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Great write-up Taylor, you are definitely a 5-star writer!   And Martinez sounds like a Great Get for Day, Hartline, Hafley, and Co.  Can't wait for football season to begin!  

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Glad to add this young man to the class. He looks like a pure baller who is a threat to score every time he touches the ball. With KJ Hill and Saunders both leaving, I dont see why we cant have him and Cooper in the class. We lose 2 we add 2.. We rotate receivers so shouldnt be an issue.

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Ugh more 3*** development players


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As there is no /s at the end of your post, I'll have to assume you are serious. As such it is my duty to remind you that these "3*** development players" are everywhere, including on teams like Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, and others. They are the lifeblood of a team more often than not.

And in this particular recruit, if you dig deeper, you will see that his 3* rating is due to him being a HS QB, but not projecting as a college QB.

The recent moaning about 3* recruits in these forums is embarrassing, and quite frankly points to a lack of fundamental knowledge of the sport, combined with an unwarranted lack of faith in the coaching staff.

In short... You're making yourself look like an idiot.

"No we don't give a da*n 'Bout the whole state of *ichigan"

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Gonna be a playmaker on defense like Malik Hooker.  Pick 6s all day.  GO BUCKS

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Reminds me of Braxton Miller

He was an otherworldly game-changer in HS

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Watching that speed makes it easy to imagine him in a Parris Campbell or Jalin Marshall role in our offense!

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His vision is what impresses me. He sees the field and he assimilates where the players will be rather than just where they are at.  Braxton, Ted Ginn and Prime Time Sanders had that type of vision.  I don't think he has their elite speed but he is fast enough.  The vision gives him at least a step on the rest of the field.

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His highlights are ridiculous. I knew I was in for something when I saw it was 11 minutes. He has speed, patience, vision, leadership, can break tackles... I rarely saw him go down by the first guy to get a hand on him. I know his future is at safety but it would be awesome to see him get a chance to play wildcat for a couple plays.