Bill Connelly is Leaving SBNation, Podcast Ain't Played Nobody.

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Man, that’s a bummer. PAPN is a good listen, especially during the season.

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PAPN is good whenever they don't have bad guests.

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Didn't know you jumped on the podcast, I'll have to pull the episode.

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I guess I'll be checking out more ESPN these days 

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Hopefully he has a major TV role if you haven’t listened to him he is amazing. If he is part of the conversation we won’t be hearing terrible hot takes go unchallenged anymore. I’ll never forget Booger cite the 3 year record of an FCS school Bama played in 2017 as a reason they should be in over OSU

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I don't mind the PAPN 2.0 and I love the segments with Bud (I am a gambler and like his views on recruiting), but Richard Johnson uses the same phrases over and over again and I'm trying to give him a chance (I doubt I would be any better) but damn do I miss Godfrey and Bill....I hope Bill jumps on the ESPN CFB podcast.  I loved Herbie and Fitz the last two years (1460 stand up) but now with a real host and David Pollick giving generic takes and previews of the games...Bill needs his own nerdy non-major cfb podcast....