Where Will Demario McCall See More Snaps This Season?

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How about returner?

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My immediate thought HOV

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i think he'll be watching most of the snaps from the bench ....

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I voted RB because the WR room is legitimately like six-deep with starter-level talent whereas he's either the primary or secondary backup at RB...but my real answer is "not many snaps at either spot, to be honest".

The way Day has repeatedly talked about JK Dobbins being a crucial piece and how he's the key to the first half of the season and expecting big things and etc, it's pretty clear that the coaching staff is expecting Dobbins to be a three-down back and on the field in the vast majority of competitive game-relevant situations, with the backups only getting a handful of snaps outside of garbage time. 

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There are some positives about having a less banged up starting RB when we make our playoff run. I hope we don't overuse Dobbins too soon.

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RB - catching passes out of the backfield with a few carries sprinkled in

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Wasn't he like the #2 or #3 RB in the country coming out of high school? I mean, I understand the roster being stacked and him needing to add weight early on, but we've seen what he can do in garbage time when he wasn't banged up. I just don't understand why he hasn't gotten any type of consistent touches (5-8) a game? I'm hoping he can at least get a few of the carries left behind by Parris Cambpell early on in the season.. 

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It’s time to give this man the ball!!

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receiver/returner--he'll get very little touches as a rb

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It is tough to get on the field when you are constantly in the training room. Missing spring ball didn't help his cause

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The GOAT plays where the GOAT wants to play.
That is the only correct answer
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But he'll be catching a lot from the running back position when he is back there...

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I hope he gets most of the attempts at 2nd RB. Crazy skill at WR so get yours and.keep JK fresh and healthy. Yes Teague looks great also. Coaches will try to balance it as well as possible.