The Hurry Up: Ohio State Impresses Tony Grimes, Dekel Crowdus Offered Despite Having Never Met Brian Hartline

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Mr. Grimes looks like a football player we need to stay close to. He would be a great addition to our team. Glad the visit went well.

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Grimes and Crowdus getting coached by the best. Let’s keep building those relationships!

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Across the pond and 6 time appreciate the early Hurry Up. Even on VK need to stay in the loop.

Justice delayed is justice denied....#FTP

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Hartline is taking this receiver group to the next level

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Man I had to check the time...thought I stayed at work too late

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To Tony Grimes. They don't call this program DBU for nothing. You will not regret choosing to come to OSU if that is indeed what you choose.

11 Strong.

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Definitely need Grimes to come on board.  I’m sure Teradja will keep working hard on him.  

Fields of Dreams


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BK put in a CB for K. Milton.  VIP - can’t read the prediction.  Would appreciate if someone could provide insight on this CB.  Kurelic is usually dialed in.


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He’s been high on everyone he has visited and for BK to CB him to Georgia right after the visit, he may have privately committed to them.

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Not looking good for RB position. Not landing a premier RB in this class will make the loss of Snead even worse. I mean it’s not time to panic yet but it is a bit concerning. 

Don't listen to Freddy P. Soft

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Well the nation's #1 back Z Evan's just confirmed an official, I think to the big recruiting weekend coming up here this weekend with a lot of other big names... never knowwww

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When was the last time we had three 5 star running backs visit in a 30 day period (Milton, Robinson and now Evans) let alone the same recruiting year? A lot of y’all know more than me but I can’t remember that in the last 30 years.