This Week's Question: When Did You Start Following Ohio State Sports, and Why?

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The day I was born, as it's a familial obligation to follow Buckeye football. It was either join us, or find a job, pack your shit, and hit the bricks... and job prospects for infants in the early 1960s were bleak. In short, it's in my blood, and I'm privileged that it is. 

When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 70's 

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I can't really pin down an exact date, but it was the early 80's for sure.  I became a fan because my mom worked at OSU (still does, retiring in December at 50 years) and we had season tickets.  Her Aunt (my great aunt) would buy her season tix, then she'd buy her boss's because better seats, and we'd all go. I probably remember more about basketball at St. John's than I do football in the pre-Cooper years.  

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when I was about 14 and being rebellious against the things my dad liked wasn't as cool as liking the things he liked and enjoying them together. 

Connor Brown

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I remember the exact moment. January 3rd, 2003. I was 6 years old at the time, and cannot remember any games prior to this one. We had just recently moved houses, and were having DirectTV installed the day of the game. My dad. trying to set the scene, was telling me about how unstoppable Miami was, and how OSU was the biggest underdog in championship game history. I knew pretty much all there was to know about football, thanks to my love for video games, but I still didn't have a great grasp for everything going on. What I did know however, was that whatever was happening, was making my dad happier than I'd ever seen him. And I've been a diehard ever since. 

Elliott dots the eye, on this national championship win. 

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Also a native son, but it look leaving the great state of Ohio to truly forge my fandom by my late teens/early adulthood.

My father took a job in Virginia the spring after Woody's dismissal. I have no memories of watching a game with Hayes as coach, although I'm sure I was present for some Rose Bowls and games with the rival towards the latter portion of the 10 Year War.

I want to say my earliest Buckeye memory is watching the 1980 Rose Bowl, but actually have better/more memories of the 1980 Fiesta Bowl loss to Penn State (which seems to better set the tone of my story in the years to come). Growing up in Virginia did not present many opportunities to watch Ohio State play - was pretty much limited to the annual tangle with M...igan and bowl games, with some key non-conference/high stake conference match-ups thrown in every now and then (the '87 tie with LSU, the upset over #1 Iowa in '85).

A move to western Pennsylvania helped the roots take better hold - it wasn't easy early (Pitt dusted Ohio State in 1988, 42-10), but better days were ahead. Penn State joined the Big Ten (and rejoin our story here) in 1993, and quickly became a hot non-rivalry. The Buckeyes (snicker) soon figured out Pitt, and the Cooper era helped revive a sleeping giant.

I left home for the Navy just as Cooper had the Buckeyes back on the national scene, but I returned to Pennsylvania for undergrad and for some great teams in the mid to late 90's.

Settled into Maryland a few years after finishing undergrad, and the new millennium brought in a new coach in Jim Tressel, and a long overdue return to the promised land for the Buckeyes. Towards the end of the Vest's era, I found myself sharing an online subscription to the Columbus Dispatch with my dad, and started reading Buckeyextra with regularity for a few years there. Sometime thereafter (want to say before Tatgate) BE became a full pay per click site. I wasn't interested in continuing there and must've stumbled upon 11W around that time. I lurked for a good year through Urban's hire before jumping aboard full time towards the end of his first season.

And the fandom burns as bright as ever.

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My father was an alumnus. I don't recall it ever being a "choice."

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Not being from Ohio, although I have family ties to Marion, I became a fan when I first stepped on campus as an undergrad.

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I really didn’t become a fan until I enrolled as at freshman at Ohio State; back then, when OSU was on quarters, the football season would be 3-4 games in before classes started so my initiation began the with the first game of my freshman year. Ohio State wasn’t my first or even second choice for college but the other two schools wouldn’t take me so Ohio State was, at the time, reluctantly it. But the conversion didn’t take long because I immersed myself in embracing the college experience and my passion for the S&G has never waned.

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I found it in my own during the 1991 season when I was 10. I remember Raymont Harris and Big Daddy Wilkerson and thinking it was impossible for human beings to be that big and strong. It was an extra rainy fall that year (at least on Saturdays) so that’s what I started doing. And then me and the boys would go play football in the rain at a local church and absolutely had the best time. Destroyed the lawn though, sorry about that God. 

Haven’t stopped watching since. 

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At least since 1938 when my uncle was an assistant football and basketball coach at Ohio State.

a hard rock miner from Butte, Montana

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I don’t remember a day of my life where I wasn’t a Buckeye fan. I was baptized into it, so to speak.  My grandma, interestingly, was the one who I remember being the most enthusiastic of fans.  My earliest memory of watching a game on TV was from Woody’s era so I must have been 3–5 years old. I was born in 1974.

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My first memory watching a game is the 1980 Rose Bowl. I grew up in Ohio and always was a Buckeye fan. As I got older and more games were televised, my fandom definitely grew. The SAB household definitely bleeds Scarlet and Gray.

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When your Mom is known to everyone as Grandma Buckeye, I really had no choice.  I wrote a blog about it a few years ago, but there's no longer a link on my profile to it.  I don't know how to find it now; which is too bad.  It was a great tribute to a great woman.

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Native son, and although I am sure I was a fan prior to this, my first memories were 1968 national title season which happened when I was 6 years old. Both parents were responsible for my fandom.

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Mid 90s.  Started with those teams with Eddie George, my first favorite football player.  Went to my first game in 1996.

It was definitely a family thing.  Dad, some of my aunts went to OSU...another aunt worked for OSU for more than 40 years (she's the one that always hooked us up with tickets).  When my aunt employed by OSU divorced my uncle in 2001, I ended up getting his season tickets, which I had for about a decade...we still usually go to a couple of games every year.  The immediate family is all pretty much OSU, which is funny, considering on dad's side, his mom and her siblings were all born in that state up north (and there is one living great uncle that roots for that stinkin team).  There are Nebraska (and Army, since one of my cousins who lives out there was bigtime in the Army) and Notre Dame fans in the family, too, but there was no way I was going to be anything other than a Buckeye.  

Class of 2010.

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Dan, my story is about the same as yours. On top of that, several players were from my home town and high school, with Paul Warfield being my favorite. As an aside, the whole Warfield family were incredible people.

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Born in 85, and grew up in SW Ohio.  Fridays was HS football, Saturdays was Buckeyes, and Sundays the Bengals.  My earliest memories are from the early 90s teams, especially Eddie George, Terry Glenn, Bobby Hoying, Pace etc.  Maybe 93 or 94 was the first year I really started getting into following sports, but was instilled in me as an infant and grew from there.

How Firm Thy Friendship...Oh-Hi-Oh


I was born into Buckeye fandom.  However, it wasn't until I was in early elementary school and my dad dragged me to a game against Minnesota (can't remember which year).  It was frostbite weather, I had electric socks and looked like Ralphie's little brother in a snowsuit from A Christmas Story.  As I sat in the stands freezing, I looked up to my dad and asked when we would leave.  He simply said when that clock reads 00:00.  It was then that I knew that this isn't just being a fan, this is a way of life to have that type of dedication to sit in the weather we were in.  I think he had a pair of jeans, a long sleeve t-shirt, and a light OSU jacket with no hat or gloves.  Now every time I walk into the Shoe even when I'm not with him I think back to those days and how much I enjoyed being in the middle of the madness with my father.

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The 1969 Rose Bowl was my first recollection of Ohio State football, I don't recall the '68 Michigan game or anything before that at all. I was in elementary school, and the whole town went nuts over the Rose Bowl and National Championship.  I then spent 34 years as a fan trying to recapture that moment where Ohio State was on top of the College Football world at the end of the season. THAT is why the 2002 team means so much to so many people, it was the end of 34 years of frustration and at least 6 chances to win a MNC again that just barely slipped away ( 1970, 1974, 1975, 1979, 1996, 1998 )

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Ohio native, my first real recolections are from 1968, when I was 8. In those days you could only see the Buckeyes on t.v. a couple times a year, so mostly it was listening to the radio.  It ramped up as I grew up, through the Ten Year War,  Archie and Pete Johnson were running roughshod on the opposition, and Woody roamed the sidelines.  I never even considered going to school anywhere else, and in 1978 I was a freshman durring Woody's final year, and Art's first. (Certainly there is some cosmic connection there....)


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You got me by a year there T. Similar story, but Woody pretty much sealed the deal with the punch that got him retired. That was a ballsy, passionate man who reminded me of my fireplug of a grampa.

Despite the high cost of living, it still remains popular.

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1968,I was 8 the Indians had been sliding and the Browns were starting to.Plus Dad,Uncles,brothers,neighbors were all fans.Talk about beginners luck

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B/c I live in Ohio and heard my dad talking about living w/ Jack Tatum, Jim Stillwagon, meeting  Woody,etc,etc. from as early as I can remember. Plus there wasn't any other college football available to listen to on the radio in SW Ohio in the early 80s............

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My parents divorced when I was two years old. My mother got remarried when I was four years old to an Ohio State alumnus. I remember trying to find common ground with him to start our relationship off and him always watching Ohio State games. It was the first thing we bonded over and we’ve watched almost every game together since! 

Side Note: He has been an awesome father to me and my brother, couldn’t be more thankful for the sacrifices he has made for children who aren’t biologically his own! 

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I guess my username explains my background.  I grew up in the NYC area in the 1960s but my dad bought me, for my first 45, a record containing songs from the Marching Band.  And I played that record over and over and over...”Round on the end...”

You were lucky if even one Ohio State football game aired on TV in those years in the NY metro are..  I did a write-up in a not-for-credit class journal of the newspaper account of the 1968 shutout of Purdue.  Newspaper accounts were the primary way I followed or learned about so many sports events back then.

I do remember having the great pleasure ofvlistening to the 1968 rout of Michigan on the radio.  How I was able to get the game on radio in the NYC area I’m still not sure.  And, of course, there was the first of many Rose Bowls that season—I believe 6 in an 8-year period; so that became a New Year’s Day tradition.

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Born and raised a Buckeye in central Ohio.  Dad did/does not watch any TV except for sports.  Period.  He was/is not very vocal, except for an occasional "damn it".  Bucks on Saturday Browns on Sunday.  Radio or TV.  The first game I can remember was the Purdue game in 1968.  The Super Sophs played charity basketball games all over Ohio after the 1970 season and played against the faculty at our High School after the 1970 season while I was in junior high.  My dad positioned me (with camera) at the entrance as the players arrived.  Took pictures of Kern, Sensibaugh, Stillwagon, Tatum, Jan White, Mace, and Brockington.  Mom got autographs on the back of an envelope as I snapped away.  I still have the pictures and autographs.  Still watch games with my brothers, mom, and dad.  

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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I was born into it in 1973: 

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Born an raised in Toledo. Near enemy territory and the high school I went to back in the mid eighties was 75% _ichigan fans. Dad never watch football of any kind. So I forged my own fandom. When I was around seven the neighbors were (and still are probably) the most obnoxious _ichigan fans on the planet. We would play some touch football and they would not shut up about how great Rick Leach was. I decided then and there I liked whoever was against that team. That and the Buckeyes had cool stickers on their helmets. Hey, give me a break! I was seven! 

Class of 2001 - classless since then.

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You did the right thing.  You would have thought Rick Leach was immortal or something.  It was annoying.

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Same as me Dennis. Born and raised in Toledo, a border town where I also learned to truly despise that team up north and their fans. Earliest memories were the late 60's and that 1969 title season. Not a lot of regular season football on in those days except on the radio.

My dad was a huge Buckeyes/ Reds fan since he was born in Cincinnati area. I liked the Reds but the Tribe was my team because of their cool uniforms and Chief Wahoo. I was a kid, it was all about the uniform.

Please forgive me for the following revelation; I went to a Catholic elementary school in East Toledo during the 1960's. Notre Dame was very good back then and all of the Nuns and the priest were Irish fans. Some of it rubbed off on me. i still like Notre Dame to this day. No way though does any team in any sport compare to the Buckeyes.

Anybody else have any confessions to get off your chest?

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My earlies memories were of the Jerry Lucas years. My aunts would call to see if I was alright if they lost (I was 5). My best memories was dad working on the car on Saturday (early 60s)and we would watch the big aircraft fly into Lockbourne (Rickenbacker) and listen to OSU Football on the car radio on a beautiful fall morning. My mind would race with images of players carrying tacklers with him, dancing his way down the field or bulldozing to the 20 yard line.

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When I was starting grade school, a grad from the High School was  captain of tOSU football team. Will Sanders. We were all excited. A family friend played football at Miami University. He always talked about his coach who had moved on to tOSU. Woody Hayes. That should make you a fan.


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Birth... family...

Go Bucks!

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For me, it was watching the Sunday morning playback of the game from Saturday that had Kaye Kessler and Paul Warfield doing the call. I suppose i was a fan before that, but sharing that with my son at the time, made it so much better.  I was actually a Buckeye basketball fan long before that. Channel 4 was broadcasting Bucks BBall games long before we got to see the football Bucks on a weekly basis. 

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I started listening to OSU games on the radio with my Grandfather when I was 4 yrs old. The next year he took me to my first Ohio State game in the stadium. 

It was 1951 and Woody's first game as Ohio State's coach. 

I've been at this a while. :-) 


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I think it was around '97-'98. I started following cause they are one of the best programs in the country and I always loved their unis.

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1970, 1971, is most likely when, but it could have been sooner. Woody had me glued to the TV back then watching football and when the Bucks played ttun it became more apparent that the Rivalry was in full bloom in this kids mind. I remember woody getting so pissed off at the end of the 1971 game when Darden intercepted the pass from Lamka, that he would be screaming at the refs while running them down on the field and then ripping apart the 1st down markers on the side lines.

His intensity for the rivalry just stayed with me.....

Enjoying daily the back to back ttun beatdowns.


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I was born in Massillon in 1952 so growing up it was natural to follow Buckeye football.  It's always been a part of my life.  I met my future wife the first weekend as a freshman at OSU.  Graduated in 1974 and was married the following day.  I've lived in many places but have always followed Buckeye football. My son was a walk on wrestler for the Buckeyes from 1997 to 2002 so naturally I have been following the wrestling team closely too.  

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My first Buckeye game was the infamous Gator Bowl when Woody punched Charley Bauman. My Dad got us tickets and we even flew. First time I was on an airplane. 10 years old. That sparked a love affair for the Buckeyes that still burns strong with both my Dad and me!

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Not until I showed up as a freshman in 1989. Grew up in the DC and NYC areas where college sports were (are?) second fiddle to pro.

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The early 60s.  Basketball team had Lucas and Havlicek.  Football team had Warfield, Ferguson and (of course) Woody.  Listening to games on radio and reading of their accomplishments in the newspaper.  Our young brains had to fill in the blanks because the games were rarely on TV.


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Watching Eddie destroy defenses got me hooked. The big #s and silver pants helped too. Thought they had the best looking uniform in all of sports.

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The first game I remember watching was the 1994 ttun game. The first game I remember actively watching was the 1996 Indiana game that clinched the Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl itself, the following football seasons and the Final 4 run by the b-ball team in 98-99 were all great memories. What turned me from a big fan to an unhealthy obsession was rewatching the 1994 ttun game the night before going to a football camp at the Woody in April 2000 with my middle school football team (yes, I got some football pointers from Coach Cooper and caught a pass from Steve Bellasari...). For the rest of middle school I wore an Ohio State football jersey everyday (didn’t  help me with the ladies lol). I have only missed 2.5 football games since that 2000 season. 

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My folks met at OSU, their sibs went there, and I also had a great aunt that graduated back around WW1, when 'coeds' on campus were uncommon. My first recollections are my folks hosting NCAA finals-watching parties, seemingly every year, during the Lucas days.  I was in my first elementary years, but I knew those players; Lucas, Havilcek, Siegfried, and Mel Nowell.  I remember my dad and uncle had a watch date for the M-game every year, and where I learned that my normally mild-mannered uncle knew words that I didn't.  OSU fb/bb games were always on the TV or radio at our house.  My serious fb following probably started in the '67 season (Bill Long was the QB.)  From then on, I've been pretty passionate/obsessed (potato/potahto.)

My aim, then, is to whip the Weasels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom.   - William Tecumseh Sherman (with apologies)

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Moved to Columbus in 1975 at the age of 11. Learned about a man named Archie soon thereafter. Buckeye ever since. Graduated OSU in 86 and moved back to Central Ohio for the rest of my life in 1993.

Interesting signature line

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I was raised watching Ohio State football, Cleveland Browns football and Cincinnati Reds baseball. But watching Keith Byars rip it up was when I got hooked. My Dad would be upset with me cause I’m a Tribe fan now. I still pull for the Reds tho 

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It was sometime in the late 1950s for me. At our home, it was the Buckeyes on the radio on Saturdays and the Browns on Sundays. Not many many games were on television.

I grew up in the city where Woody had his first head coaching gig and my father was a big Woody fan since he was in junior high when Woody was the coach.

The first game that I distinctly remember watching on television was the 1960 national championship game.

Let's Go Bucks

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1988, when my folks moved the family into Central Ohio. 

Before that I had absolutely no idea that anyone actually followed Football at the Collegiate level

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I became a Buckeye fan in 1967 (13 years old) when a kid from my home town signed with the Bucks. The first game I can ever remember is the 1968 game vs. Purdue - on the radio. LOL

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It was always a given that Ohio State fandom was the only option, evident from the Hutch Ohio State uniform I was bought. My earliest memory were games with Greg Frey and Carlos Snow. '88 or '89 season.

Bears...Buckeyes... Battlestar Galactica.

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Early in life for me. I can't remember when, but I remember the 1995 Notre Dame game and the '97 Rose Bowl, which was the first time I saw TBDBITL, which hooked me on *them* for life.  I have vague memories of being disappointed when OSU wasn't in a New Year's Day bowl game and I couldn't watch them in the late 80s or early 90's in Cleveland, somehow those games weren't available or were at odd times. My OSU devotion certainly grew after the Browns left (at 11 or 12)!

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Laughlin with the blocked punt and Todd Bell scoops it up for the score. The Game at the big house in 1979. 9 years old at the time and I remember that moment like it was 5 minutes ago. 

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My first real OSU memory is, believe it or not, listening to part of the 1968 Final Four on the radio in my dad's car, picking my mom up from work.  My first football memory is of the 1968 Rose Bowl (1/1/69) to seal the natty.

FWIW, the "95" in my handle refers to the year I graduated from tOSU, having gone back to school later in life to get my bachelor's degree after having worked for roughly a decade or so using my associate's degree.

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Living as a Catholic Schoolboy in Toledo, you had a decision to make.  Toledo was in the midst of a 35 game winning streak, OSU was coming off a NC and Both Michigan and ND had a huge presence everywhere you turned. You got 2 games a week on TV back then and most football fans watched both and then all the College football replays and scoreboard shows they could find.  Gramps would not allow company when ND was on but if the Buckeyes or Wolverines where on i could go  sit and watch football on his always new colored TV.   The first i remember was the Buckeyes trouncing Northwestern and Rex Kern and John Brockington hooked me as well as the pageantry that comes with watching OSU football.  I can remember watching the Rose Bowl and other significant games over the next few years at the homes of others or in the presence of others who vehemently hated Coach Hayes and his troops and it came time to become as much a fan for my team as i saw others being for theirs and join in. I was not much of a student but i learned to read through the Sunday sport section and i learned math by the Baseball standings and Sunday Stats page . Sports was everything to me then.  I have never hated Michigan or ND because i was raised on them and they where the kind of competition one based their own success on, Instead i developed a respectful dislike for their followers and learned to fight fire with fire in the smack talk department. My choice has given me much to be thankful of and i never had a prouder day then my Daughter receiving her sheepskin from TOSU. To this day there are two songs i can count on bringing a tear to my eye. One is Sachmo singing What a wonderful world and the other is Carmen Ohio.


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Forgive me for reposting this from two years ago with some minor update/changes.  If you read the original and don't want to read it again, I understand.  But with the aquisition of Phil Steele, I am now officially in ramp up mode.  And our summer of discontent isn't because of scandal anymore.  Its because of the impending excitement that recaptures my anticipation of Christmas from when I was a child.
On a cold December night, a woman is wheeled into a delivery room at St. Luke's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.  After winning the fight with the nurses, she clung to an ashtray with a grey football attached to its center like it was going to protect her from the coming pain.  As the spasms of childbirth wracked her slender frame, she refused any help that would remove her concentration.  No, this was her moment.  Her whole purpose for going through this scary and painful night was not going to be deterred by a well-meaning nurse or doctor.

Finally, as she was wracked by the spasms and the feeling she was passing a bus, there was a final push, and then the sound she was waiting to hear...the cry of a newborn.  Now!  Now was the moment she was waiting for!  And she looked at the small talisman she brought with her, and found the little lever on its side.  She moved the lever and the unmistakeable sound played out of the music box. As she sang the words to herself and the nurses cleaned up the newborn, she smiled.  Across the Field was the first sound her new son heard.  Later in her life, not only her grandchildren, but any members of the local Alumni Association would all call her Grandma Buckeye.  That woman was my Mom.  That baby boy was me.
As young children, before we could even understand why, Saturdays in the fall were important in our house.  While my friends were watching Pixie and Dixie confuse Jinx the cat, and while Sky King and Roy Rogers were rounding up the bad guys, my sister and I were listening to the early LP releases of The Ohio State University Marching Band.  My Mom played those records over and over until Marv Homan or someone came on the radio to broadcast the only football game that mattered that weekend.  To this day, the tune from Nationwide Insurance brings a smile and a memory to my face as my Mom and I sat and listened to the broadcast together.  If we were lucky, once in a great while, Ohio State would show up on TV, but I have no memory of any of those days.  I remember sitting and listening to the radio.
As my Dad's practice grew and they could afford to go, they would travel the long drive down Rt 42 from Cleveland to Columbus to see a game.  Next to Woody Hayes, the biggest thing to help Ohio State football grow into the monster it is today was the completion of Interstate 71.  A two day drive suddenly became two hours down and two hours back.  Suddenly, attending the game became something we could all do.
Our next door neighbor, who I grew up calling Uncle Bob turned out to be, along with his wife Aunt Ginny, the best friends my parents ever had.  Uncle Bob had one flaw.  Every Saturday, just to bust my Mom's chops, whether he needed it or not, Uncle Bob would cut his grass wearing an old dark blue football jersey.  You see, Uncle Bob was the blocking fullback for Tom Harmon. 
I was doomed.  No matter where I went, Ohio State football was so ingrained into my soul by my Mom, that to this day my wife complains that while we do attend church on Sunday, the pilgrimmages I make on Saturday to whereever I have to go is my real religion.  As I have gotten older, I think I have started to find a balance that has saved my soul.  Summers like this one, might be purgutory on earth, and Ohio State football is still my number one hobby, but I have passed the torch to my children.  You see, all six times I was in the delivery room, I continued the tradition my Mom started.  I didn't have that music box.  But I did have my voice so each time the doctor handed me a new born so that I could place them in my wife's arms, I first sang a little tune to each of my children
"We don't give a damn for the whole state of michigan, the whole state of michigan, the whole state of michigan
We don't give a damn for the whole state of michigan, we're from O HI O"
Grandma Buckeye has been gone now for a few years.  When she died, my kids threatened to blow up the cemetary in Brookfield, Ohio if my aunt didn't arrange to have the Headstone actually say Grandma Buckeye on it.  It now does.  Earlier this year, when the controversy about ticket prices came to a head, I said that despite all the emotional ties to the program we have, that I was going to pass on season tickets.  I had already told my friend with whom I have submitted tickets for twenty years that tOSU had crossed the line for us and that he would be sitting alone for the first time in 20+ years.  However, Grandma Buckeye would have none of that!  two weeks before the ticket deadline, I won a drawing at my local club that was waaaaaay more than the cost of my two season tickets.  My wife, God bless her, even before I could say anything about the issue observed that Grandma Buckeye arranged for the good fortune to befall us so that I could still sit in 14C with Rick.  So thanks Mom. I'll be there when the Urban Meyer story really unfolds this year!  
My eldest daughter claims that all 6 kids are cursed. Because it would be so easy to turn away from a program that has suffered through the In and Out Burger Bowl,  The Mad Hatter Bowl and the summer of our discontent.  But they can't.  No matter what.  Its their heritage.  Now she is about to make us grandparents for the first time.  I have volunteered to be in the delivery room so that the baby hears the right sounds first.  For some reason, she said no.  But no worries.  She'll need a baby sitter soon enough.

I wrote this in 2013.  It was a rewrite of an earlier version a couple of years earlier.  Its the definitive story of my development as a Buckeye.

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Family was always big fans.  Surrounded by the rivalry since so much of NW Ohio is filled with TTUN fans.  As a result I always paid attention to The Game in the late 90's, early 2000's when I was in elementary school because of the bragging rights at school.  Started paying closer to the whole season after the 2002 National Championship and became a die hard in middle school around 2005/2006.

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Back in the early 70s, our family was high school sports and Cincy Reds fans. I decided to attend OSU-Lima for a couple of years and thought it would be good to start getting to know the football program.

Watching Archie run in the Shoe sealed the deal.


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Born in Ohio in 1960. Dad wasn't into sports much but mom certainly was. Of course, we only had three channels, but we (mostly I--she had mom things to do) watched the Bucks. My first memories are of Rex Kern and company in the Rose Bowl. Hated Plunkett after 1970 and USC pretty much forever. I really enjoy getting to watch all of the games now.

You Got Barbecue Back There!?!?!?!