Which Ohio State Basketball Newcomer Will Play the Biggest Role As a Freshman?

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My guess was Carton. Liddell might surprise. I was talking at work with people that I only know casually. I had big grin from reading a "boom" article and he said "what?". I said the Illinois player of the year, twice is going to be a Buckeye. He follows basketball and knows Liddell's game well and thinks he will be an instant player. Of course, sometimes we are wrong. But basketball is easier to predict in that way.


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I too have high hopes for Liddell, but went with Carton since he fills more of a glaring whole in the lineup, and should be able to contribute immediately.

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Yep, with the holes in the PG position I had to go with Carton. We have some options at forward coming back  but EJ looks like a player that could walk in and supplant what we have at PF . He does look that good.

At PG we really have nothing that we know about for sure except a kid that had to sit out do to xfer rules and he is an unknown quantity and Carton looks like he has the same level of talent that EJ possess but at a different position so I had to go with Carton but I expect EJ to be really good for us next year.

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Point guards wanted here!  DJ Carton. 

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Feel like Carton is just what the doctor ordered

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I think it'll be Carton, Diallo, Liddell, and Gaffney in that order. They'll all play a lot though which is the great thing. I think Diallo brings a unique skill set that we don't have, and let's Wesson play a little more loosely, so I expect Diallo to get big back up minutes.

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Carton won’t start, Gaffney may play huge mins right away plus he is the most skilled player on the team right now and he is 6’-10” tall with a 7’ wing span.