Kaleb Wesson Returned To Ohio State To Continue NBA Quest, Chase “Millions Of Dollars On The Table”

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Just dont foul out!!!!


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I am glad Kaleb is back at Ohio State for the upcoming season. He will definitely be a huge part of the Buckeyes team. I hope his game develops and improves so he can live out his NBA dream.

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I’m certainly glad he’s back with the Bucks but I don’t think there’s any part of his game that really stands out and makes you think he’s an NBA caliber player. 

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The article said the following: He didn't get invited to either the NBA or the G-League draft combine...NBA interest was low even though he averages 14.6pts and 6.9 rebounds per game.

At the risk of being down-voted...I sense that Kaleb was one of those kids when growing up dominated the competition just because of his size difference.  There is a good chance that as a youth he didn't have to work on his game as much to always make the team.

The problem now is that he simply doesn't have the natural abilities...most notably, jumping ability...to be a difference maker in the NBA. 

The NBA teams can trade amongst other teams to get an average NBA player they certainly wouldn't look to draft one.  I do feel however that Kaleb can have a wonderful career overseas and establish a solid financial future.

In comparison to Jared Sullinger, who I do believe worked on his game coming up as a youth, and was also challenged with lack of jumping ability...I feel Jared has a much better skill set.   If the NBA doesn't have a home for Jared then I really don't see a place for Kaleb either.

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Agree.  I could see where he has some attributes to be like Charles Barkley but he does not show the ability to manage his needed aggression to where he does not commit silly fouls.  The feet do not move very well on defense. And he definitely has not shown any leaping ability.  It may be that because of his conditioning that he is not able to jump as he needs to but I suspect it simply is not there.

I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan!

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He... not so sure about the "growing up thing,...dominating (smaller) players thing" I mean he played his high school ball at Westerville South Div. 1, matched up against the likes of Nick Ward in high school. I do not think there is the narrative you give. Look, he's gonna have some real playmakers surrounding him for his junior season. I am not saying he is NBA caliber, but I would be surprised if he didn't up his stats to 17 and 9 for his junior year. He has progressed each season in spite of foul problems.

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He needs to transform his body and get very fit, lift weights, add lean muscle while losing fat . 25-30lbs less would be ideal more might be even better. That would give him better quickness ,jumping ability and stamina and just make his all around game better. Then he needs to work on his skills such as shooting ,  ball handling , screening, handling switching, guarding, footwork, lateral movement and pick and rolls, being stronger around the basket, etc.. Being much more fit should help all with all those things.

Jared Sullinger admitted that his weight and lack of fitness, basically lack of self discipline cost him his NBA career.


the forward acknowledged those injuries were probably caused by the extra weight he was carrying.

“I was trying to be a man and, in reality, I was still a boy. I was living on my own and paying my bills and buying my own food and buying my own clothes and I had a lot of money… So again, it’s on me. I look back on it now and say, ‘What the f*** was I thinking?’”

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Like KW a lot and glad he will be back to help lead the team.  He is simply not ready for the NBA ... not even listed in the top 100.  Can't help but believe if he embraces a strong S&C plan/program it will help him across the board: cutting back on fouls, turn-overs, even improving rebounding.  Hope he continues to develop and eventually gets to the next level.  

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Kaleb has two years to work on his game and the weaknesses in it if he wants to get to the league. His lack of leaping ability would not likely be an issue with NBA teams if he learns to use his body better around the bucket; like a Pau Gasol. There's plenty of guys in the NBA who needed four years of college ball before they were ready or good enough to make an NBA roster; no shame in that.

The only hard day was yesterday

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I'd like to think that the prospect of "millions of dollars on the table" would motivate Kaleb to get in shape and play with toughness and discipline

I'd like to think that.

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He can run up and down the court enough to put me to shame.

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Me too, but I don't think either one of us is the standard he ought to be setting.

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Not sure how fast he is, but maybe he should walk on to the football team as a tight end. He has good hands, and I seem to recall that a BB player from Kent State did this and became an All-pro.

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Maybe take some dance classes to improve his foot work.

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I respect Kaleb for putting himself out there to be honestly evaluated.  He's taken professional constructive criticism, and now seems to want to improve his game and is willing to take his best shot at his dreams regardless of what common folks may think of his abilities.  With that mentality, and with self-discipline, he'll be successful no matter where his basketball career may take him.  I wish him the best, and I'm looking forward to seeing our Bucks play some roundball (football up first, of course).

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Am glad he chose to stay...He needed to.

Hoping he can get in shape, build some muscle and hand strength, and develop some mental toughness.

DV3. OSU '80

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“They want to see me guard, switch on ball screens and stuff. A lot of the NBA is ball screens and stuff like that,” Wesson said. “Just finishing around the rim. As a big man, my percentage was kind of low. So, just getting that up and just making sure I'm efficient on the floor, staying out of foul trouble, stuff like that.”

OSU fans will be delighted to see Kaleb progress in guarding, switching and finishing around the rim. IMO that means improvements in jumping—both on offense & defense—without fouling. It appears that he's working on these, and I can't wait to see the results.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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He's a classic tweener. Not big enough to play center in the NBA and not fast enough to cover forwards in the NBA. Born in the wrong decade. 

Still think he heads overseas and makes a great living doing something he loves.......   sooooooooooooooo! glad Andre is on the team as truly believe that made coming back a no-brainer for Kaleb..

Wish him the best... 

Go Bucks!

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He has the info that he was looking for. Now is the time to work his ass off and improve his game.

It is a wait and see for me if this happens cause I think he has a bit of laziness he has to correct first before doing the rest.

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I don’t think any of the players we have will make an NBA roster 

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Is that counting the incoming frosh?  I'd probably agree if you weren't including them.