National Championships, School Records Highlight Special Season for Ohio State Track and Field's Senior Class

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What a great group of young people, and fine representatives of Ohio State.  And, all Columbus kids (basically).  It still blows me away that Jesse Owens had the school record for 80 years.

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I remember seeing the school record in a program at an indoor meet when I attended OSU, and was astonished that J.C. Owens still held it.  

Owens was the original Buckeye Burner.

Congrats to Mr. Gray in surpassing it.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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Proud of these student-athletes and their efforts. You know the rest...

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Awesome - congrats to each.

Appreciate the coverage throughout on what was a very solid T&F season.

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Congrats to all.

But if I had just broken Jesse Owens' record, I would hang up the cleats too. Leave while you're on top.

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