What's Ohio State's Strongest Offensive Unit Heading into 2019?

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I went running back... The Depth at WR is INSANE, but JK Dobbins, in my humble opinion, is going to put the shakiness of last season and splitting time behind him and come out guns blazing this year. Those first handful of games they're going to lean on him to get the offense going, and I think he's up for the task.

Beyond him, I am CRAZY excited about Master Teague. I think he's going to be a great compliment to Dobbins, and I think McCall will find his place as a third down back, receiver out of the backfield, and of course be in the mix at the H.

I really like the RB group, the WR group is nuts, obviously, but the talent there is largely unproven because of how good guys like McLaurin, Campbell, and Dixon were the last couple years. The obvious exception to that is KJ Hill who I think will emerge as the best overall (not just slot) WR in the Big Ten. 

Urban Meyer left an incredible legacy. 12/4/18 Ryan Day begins his.

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Exactly my thinking. WRs are great don't get me wrong but I think the RBs are going to really shine

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I went with WR b/c of the depth and the mix of vets and young guys. I expect KJ, Bin Vic and Mack to be good, but I'm most excited to see...
Olave in yr 2
Gil get some snaps at the H
What Garrett Wilson will contribute


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KJ Hill, Christopher Olave, Garrett Wilson, Austin Mack, and Binjimen Victor. 5 superstar players at one position. This one is not even close.

Go Bucks

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I went with TE's mainly as they are top notch blockers and usually don't have to worry much about catching more than two or three passes a game  and are very capable.of more.

With the WR's KJ  soild . Mack will have to see how he does coming off injury, Victor still has yet to show consistency , Olave  looked good as a late season frosh hoping no soph let down, Wilson rookie with potential... these  were without the S&G glasses on.

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WR talent is deep and amazing!  Plus first ever back to back 5 star WRs for tOSU in Wilson and Fleming. 


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Feeling contrary, I voted the o-line, probably based more on optimism than proven production.  There are 5*'s almost across the board, and those that weren't are experienced and talented (if they are healthy.)   But, in reality, the WR's are the obvious answer.  And, you can record my vote right now for them in next year's poll. That room will be ridiculous.

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WR then Tight Ends.. a TON of questions after RB1, QB1 and OLine Starting 5... WR and Tight End depth loaded.. 

Go Bucks!