Marvel Creates Custom Comic Book Covers Featuring Dwayne Haskins and Nick Bosa

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I would’ve liked to have drawn one of these but no one can touch my Super hero the Silver Bullet! Inspired by the famed Silver Bullet defense. . Also you guys should probably include the artists name in this article.

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Good looking out, I actually did look for the artists' names but could not find them at first.


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At 12 cents a copy, I'll take a few of each.

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Probably shouldn't call the guy who is out with a hammy tweak, and missed most of his last season with an injury 'invincible'...but that's just me.

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Bosa's cover is from the artistic team of Mike Hawthorne and Andrew Crossley and Haskins' cover is from the artistic team of Francesco Manna and Carlos Lopez.

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I was thinking Bosa would be the Hulk, just tell him to smash!

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Hulk moves people around, seems to me he’d be more of an offensive lineman

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Nick was pretty good at moving O lineman around too.

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That Haskins cover is awesome!

I bleed scarlet...literally

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Dang, recruits must be loving this!


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Those are super cool looking. Campbell, McLaurin, and Jones need covers too!

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Comic book nerd, football fan, Buckeye diehard engaged.

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I'll take an "Invincible Bosa" this year and a "Predator" next year. 

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