Florida State Moves Forward with Plans to Privatize Its Athletic Department

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Wow. Not sure how I feel about this.

Maybe it’s just the inevitable, and maybe won’t change things considerably. My initial reaction is I don’t think that I like the concept of an athletic department being a separate entity. Seems like a way to weasel out of responsibility, and have less influence from the University. But I don’t really know how this is going to work, so I cannot make a judgement.

Will be interesting.

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"The University of Florida and University of Central Florida have long operated their athletics departments as direct-support organizations. FSU officials said they had discussed the move for years and saw it as a chance to make their relationship with Seminole Boosters clearer and more efficient."

Blame Urban.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Can one of the many lawyers we have on this site explain what this means in plain English? 

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On the surface, this appears to be the slimiest thing I can imagine.  And thanks to this, we'll never see below the surface again.

Man, I hope this turns out to be a story from the Onion.

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So what does this mean? Especially in terms of the NCAA being able to keep tabs on their crap.

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This is brilliant! OSU, and any others that can afford to, should follow suit. This is the beginning of the 30 or so school super league that pays college football players to compete at the highest pre NFL level.

I am now happy Kevin Warren is going to lead the B1G. Delaney would have have lead every school away from pay for play, but KW may be able to lead the entire league (with Northwestern as a possible hold out) into the new era.

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How on earth can a public school privatize any aspect of the university? This screams shady AF to me.

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Yeah, I’m not sure how it will work.

OSU has privatized their parking services, and universities often have food, grounds, or janitorial service as contracts. So those are examples of where it has been deemed to benefit the university, and is legal at public institutions.

It just seems like an athletic department is an entirely different animal. On the surface it appears that this is in part to avoid disclosing information...because that’s what the story mentioned. I can withhold judgement until this goes through and I read more. There may be legitimate reasons and the information disclosure part is just a byproduct. But, yeah, it seems sketchy as hell on the surface of it. The implications worry me.

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I am no lawyer, but I dont think they can take any public money and use it for the athletics department anymore. If this isn't the case and I was a tax payer in Florida, I would be pissed because there is no way to see how your taxes are being used. That is the main reason public institutions that use taxpayer money HAVE to have their records available to the public. Shady AF is right. Because how can you see if they are using taxpayer money now for the athletics department.

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They've had the Tally PD in their pocket for a while, now they've finally figured out how to stonewall the media.  They'll be even better at cover ups now.

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It goes beyond the media. Taxpayers in Florida wont have access to their financial records now to see where their money is going.

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Does private schools like Notre Dame have their athletic depts in this fashion, where records are private and not available for FOIA?? Or is this something completely different? Can some other corporation sue FSU for a public entity awarding this relationship without open competition for the "contract"? Are these guys getting double pay, if so, is it legal to have two full time jobs as a public employee?

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Private schools aren’t subject to FOIA because they are private. Same with USC, Stanford, etc.

I’m not sure if it will be legal that they rebuff FOIA requests because part of their management is privatized. That seems to be implied by the article, but I wonder if it will be challenged. And if this is alright, then maybe it will become of the normal. Not sure what to think of this, except that it seems sketchy right now.

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Whats next privatized anthropology department fund by The History Channel's Ancient Aliens? 

This has to have some kind of affect on their public university status.  

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If this happens and FSU suddenly becomes competitive again we'll know they are hiding some serious shady BS that can now be legally withheld from the public. Wouldnt it be hilarious if FSU privatizes its athletic department and they're still a trainwreck?

Biggest problem I have with this is it could very easily lead to sports programs hiding more cases of sexual assault and DV. 

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I don't see that say the head coach being an employee of the private corporation can then exempt the team from any sort of compliance requirements with regards the NCAA. It seems shady as all get out but I don't see this giving FSU carte blanche to end around NCAA regs. 

You've got to kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight. 

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Just one question: How is this legal for a publically funded school?

I bleed scarlet...literally

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And just like that Pandora's hot, steamy box is open for business...

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Coming to every major program near you. The media public record requested Tressel and Meyer. Well, sometimes you go to the well one time too often. I don’t know if it will be good for college sports, but it is a bold and brilliant idea. 

The media will scream like a cow, but you know a few schools, probably down south, will do this. Then everyone else will have to. 

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Brilliant. Time for every money making athletic dept to do it. First step to getting away from the NCAA and being able to designate "student athletes" as employees. 

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I see this a lot on here.

Because there was no other way to reign in boosters.

Let's look at it and maybe fix it going forward.

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Please, see also the definition of the phrasal verb "rein in."

The NCAA reigns over universities and colleges. I suspect that it will find itself in the position of having to rein in FSU when it starts raining booster money down there.

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Like a king directing a slow moving party, thanks for reigning on our parade.

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Like Businesses and politics, it's a transparent move for FSU to be opaque in their sports operations.  Put plainly, they want to cheat and not be held accountable.  This move would facilitate a quick descent to the bottom for NCAA football.  The NCAA would be foolish to allow FSU to continue to participate with other NCAA teams if FSU goes this route.

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The NCAA would be foolish to allow FSU to continue to participate with other NCAA teams if FSU goes this route.

But there are many universities that currently don’t have to share. FSU has to because they are a public institution. 

I do agree that it’s awful shady, and question their motives. But I’m not sure that the NCAA can do anything about it.

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This is super shady.  That whole FSU program has always been dirty.

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I wonder then, will FSU provide free education to the athletes, or will the association pick up the bill?

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I don't like this. I mean, good for them for finding a loophole . . . but as a taxpayer, I don't like the idea of no oversight.

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Florida man makes athletic department into private entity. 

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