Ohio State Cannot Afford Slow Start Against Quality Non-Conference Opponents

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Hope these 2 are like a walk in the park, but I'm guessing that the Cincy game will be a tough go.

Go Bucks

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Cincy will be tough but the replay of the um-App State game was worth watching again! May we never sink as low as tsun. LOL

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Neither of these teams is worth losing a second of sleep over. Really. Each of these teams has lost starters that need to be replaced. I do not see the worry/concern with regard to this teams season coming up. Ryan Day will have this team chomping on the bit leading up to Cincy. He will not take his foot off the pedal for anyone this year. He managed them in the interim for Urban last year working with a handicap(I.e. Schiano, Davis and co.) vs TCU in a game that could have easily resulted in a loss. Instead, he broke TCU, and probably their season. Instead of the narrative of" can he do what Urban did" a challenging narrative would be " how high will he set the bar?" in terms of successful OSU coaches of the past.

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Love it blackcoffee... love the optimism and confidence going into the season... love having a coach that, when asked “what if you don’t  beat Michigan” he replies with “what if I do” I’m right there with yeah in regards with coach day having these talented players ready to go, ready to beat down whoever they are playing... FAU and cincy are respectable teams in their conference, but this isn’t the AAC, this is B1G football, and I think coach day is going to want to make a statement early on in the year and send a message not only to the conference, but also the nation, that he was promoted for a reason, and yes we lost a legendary coach who set unprecedented standards.... but coach day is up for the challenge of meeting those standards and taking our beloved buckeyes to new heights... I can’t wait to see the team he puts on the field, I want it to be August 31st right now


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I think all Ryan Day has to do is tell the players "You will be evaluated. If you want to remain a starter, you will play your tail off". For the defensive coaches, they need to prove that their system is working in a real game situation, in order to build trust with the defensive players. Unlike some past seasons, there are a lot of players and coaches with something to prove, so I don't think we'll lack in motivation.

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Wonder how much intel Kirby will give Kiffin about Justin Fields..

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Something like, " He's gonna smoke yo ass!"

I'd rather be an hour early than a minute late.

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With the non conference schedule being what it is this year-no marquee P5 opponent-the team needs to come out and beat these teams soundly.  I expect the Bearcats to hang around for a half and the Buck pull away in the second half..  I expect FAU to make a game of it for about the 1st quarter.  Lane may have a few tricks up his sleeve to make it interesting for the D..

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Is that the same Kiffen who ran the Alabama offense in the cfb playoff that we throttled ?....haha

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Throttled? I seem to remember that game differently.

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I don’t know how the football game will go, but Kiffin’s Twitter game is obviously strong. 

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Stay focused and give your best every single game. . .  one at a time.  Never look ahead to futher opponents or take any game for granted.

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Are we really trying to pretend our non-conference schedule is “quality”? Cincy was ranked 50th by S&P last year. FAU was 80th. It’s ok to acknowledge that the schedule is softer than recent years. We don’t need to try to fluff it up. 

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All true but TCU backed out of this year’s game so we have to play someone. At least we aren’t finding FCS schools to fill up our schedule.

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Yea I’m not saying we’re scared, and future years all look good. I just don’t want to pretend this year is tough when it’s not. If we don’t go undefeated OOC it’ll be an extremely bad loss. 

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Hey it's a "Bama like" schedule.. wink wink..

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Every single game deserves full attention to detail, one game at a time.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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Exactly. Fight the one on front of you. 

That said, I think Day is going to put up 70+ every chance he gets. I’m sure he wants to make his mark. He’s already assembled a solid staff, and bagged some top recruits [the D side will come once this team hits the field]. I’d guess he wants nothing less or more, than a Natty in Year 1. Points matter. Have to blow teams like Florida Atlantic out - can’t just sneak by...and you’ve got to put points up in the B1G. One resonating quality seems to come up in articles about him. Focus. He imparts that through this staff and team; no reason we can’t run the table. 

Edit; I do think Luke and the Cats come to play - but I also think we just have too many stallions. Those early ones have “hydrate” written all over them. 

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Yes, and I'd go further:

Every single game play deserves full attention to detail, one game play at a time.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I actually think early on offense we're going to struggle a little bit finding an identity after what we did with Haskins. On defense I believe we'll be much more improved especially the linebackers.


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Yep , I think the D will have to carry us for a while as the O gets itself situated.

So we are depending on a D that was  bad on many levels in all of college football last year and especially for tOSU. Then we have a basically  very talented rookie QB ,  and thank goodness he can run, because that will be needed . An O line that is replacing 4 of 5 starters and a WR corp that lost  3 WR's  that were mainly starters.

Anybody that thinks we will be racking up 70 PT games and shutting people out I think are going to be in for a let down. This team with a new rookie head coach, New D and DC and as mentioned all the changes on O is going to need time to grow. I would temper my enthusiasm and just be happy with wins. Blowing people out my guess is that it will not be on the menu very often even with the non conf schedule accept maybe one or two teams if were lucky..

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Not impressed with the guys from TTUN with recruiting...still waiting.

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Past results are not a guarantee of future success. I would not underestimate our rivals. Pride and overconfidence often precede the unexpected great fall, as many teams have learned to their dismay.

Having said that, I do have cautious optimism that we will all be very happy at the end of this year's game in Ann Arbor even though we are currently the underdog in that game..

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However, I do believe this will take some time and very careful strategy with recruits on the D side of the ball. I’m in the opinion this will be a strong finish after the upcoming visits. I would put it at the let’s wait and see sentiment, with concerned and alarmed the next two stops if things don’t pick up by late July when high schools start opening camps in mid August.

i just think there are still high quality pieces on the board who are playing the lets see who else comes game. Just my opinion, which doesn’t mean much.

I could see if we are not prepared offensively, the Luke could cause some problems.  

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UC can be a problem if we don’t come out strong and keep the pedal to the metal.  Not only will Luke be amped up, but his whole team will be. They will want the victory for the prestige and for their coach.  But Coach Day has been known to get amped up also.


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FAU won 10 in 2017, but took a step back last year.  I don't see them being a threat even if OSU comes out with their C+ game.  Cincy is the one that could make things interesting if OSU isn't locked in.  

OSU has stuff to prove, too, this season.  Lack of motivation should not be an issue.  I think OSU will come out and roll these teams.

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