Ohio State Baseball Coach Greg Beals Gets Contract Extension

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Oh no!  His pattern lately is to only have good year in last year of contract and he gets extension.


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Not a fan of this move but it was a nice run they went on to close out the season.

Get dumped then

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Clicked on the Athletics forum logo. First thing I saw "When does Greg Beals get fired" second thing I saw "Greg Beals gets extension"

That's a Buckeye touchdown!

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I guess he's not getting fired.

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Pretty big turn around for Coach Beals.   Hopefully the strong finish carries them into next season.

Fields of Dreams


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so, wait, not fired?

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Anybody order fried sauerkraut?!

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This is good, right?

I'd rather be a minute early than an hour early, 'cause I like to procrastinate.

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Only if you like finishing in 6-8th place in the Big 10 every year. This is a disastrous decision by the AD and only proves they don’t really care about non-revenue sports. 

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Mmm the sweet seductive taste of confirmation bias.

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Hasn't the women's synchronized swimming team won something like 35 straight B1G championships?

(Joking of course, but not by much)

Lifetime vs. UM: L 9-1, C 8-0, T 5-0
Ohio State University President Jim Tressel

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Nice to read this as I’m watching Michigan go down to the wire with #1 overall seed UCLA for a trip to the College World Series.

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3 more years of mediocrity, yay.

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Since I was the OP on the fire Beals thread this thread has me stumped frankly.

I know they want to tout his going to the postseason 3 of the last 4 years, but let's be serious. This year was a fluke, they got hot, and got some help from NW to even make the B10 tourney would have been outside looking in and all this post season "glory" would not have even happeded.

2019 - 12-12 in conference 6th place

2018 - 14-10 in the conference, inexplicably got a bid as a 3 seed and promptly lost to both the #2 and #4 seeds to be bumped out

2017 - 8-16 in conference

That's 34-38 in conference in the last 3 years finishihg 6th or worst each year and THAT gets a 3 year extension

Bob Todd finsihed 6th or worst exactly 4 times in 23 years (1996 - 6th, 2007 - 6th, and 2010 7th his last year), Beals has been 11th, 7th and 6th the last 3 years, and the leadeship rewards him. Even Dick Finn finiched 6th or worst only twice in his 12 years finishing 6th twice

I am just baffled at this decision. I could see maybe based on the post season run this year extending him another year, but 3?? seriously?? 5 of the last 6 years he has finsihed 6th or worse.

a 12-3 run down the strech should not out weigh, over half a decade of outright mediocrity

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You see this all the time in sports and business. Someone is headed for unemployment and some last minute victory/sale etc gives them a second life. It's bad in business and just as bad in sports. If you were going to fire him before the B10 tournament.. you fire him. 

Go Bucks!

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Congratulations! I think Michigan Coach Bakich will get an extension this year as well.