Ohio State Basketball Faces a Loaded Schedule Ahead of Season With Chris Holtmann's Most Talented Roster

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What a fun 2019-2020 season for tOSU its going to be. 



Holtmann knows he has to throw these guys into the fire and see how they battle.  If they escape a few with wins in the non-conference it's going to show what they are capable of when they are beaten to death by the conference schedule.

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I will have to wait and see about the most talented team , on paper probably yes , but he had a couple of really good college players on the team couple years back.

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Top end, you probably are right with Ja'Sean and Keita, but from 3-12, it's not even close.

The team 2 years ago, actually had 11 scholarship players: 1 was Joey Lane (love the guy, but not a factor in the rotation), 1 was Andrew Dakich (he was fantastic given his talent ceiling, but still was a walk on for 3 years), and Musa Jallow (a 3 star recruit that should have been a senior in high school).

Holtmann may not have a Big POY like Keita or a veteran as conistent as Tate, but he also has never had this kind of quality depth. Not even close.

I play, coach stays. He goes, I go.

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Meanwhile CantTucky plays a daunting $ec schedule. Bwahahaha

Fuck eSECpn and fuck Mythigan.

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One one hand, it will be a tale of freshmen: how last year's frosh have developed after a year+ in the program, and how this year's rooks look —and perform.

OTOH, it's how well the vets—juniors & senior—lead.

If the upperclass guys' good example spreads, and the younger guys chip in, particularly in scoring, it will be a fun year. Even with a tough schedule.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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I have followed the Basketball Bucks for a long time, I have never seen a nonconference schedule
this difficult.

I don't give a damn for the whole state of Xichigan.

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If OSU loses against nova, Kentucky, cinci, or Unc it probably won’t hurt if they lose them considering they’re all top 10 teams besides Cincinnati whose looking like a top 25 team. And winning against even only cinci and another one of the other 3 teams will benefit OSUs ranking a lot.


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Athlon magazine has the Buckeyes ranked number 5. Nice.

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This was one of my biggest complaints with Matta and one of the reasons I feel the crowds were always small and uninspiring. Our OOC schedule usually consisted of teams no one had ever heard of or teams no one cared about playing. You get big name teams on campus and the crowds will grow as will the noise level in the arena.

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Fans have been slow to return to VCA which leads me to believe there are other issues at play. But it’s time for Buckeye Nation to put up or shut up. This is a great schedule and an intriguing team. Go to the games locals!!! I’ll hold up my end at the RAC and MSG!

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I'm so proud of him. That's how you build a program. These kids today want to be on TV and that's how you do it. The networks don't want to broadcast OSU vrs Coastal Carolina


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DJ Carton vs Cole Anthony should be a good one...I personally think Anthony is a bit overrated, saw him in person a couple of times. Also caught a few of his games on EspnU this season, not really buying into the hype 


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Scheduling high-profile opponents is great to help your team in the big picture, the competition makes these kids better.

But, I also think this kind of scheduling helps to recruit elite prospects. Big time recruits want to play on national television against the UNC’s, Villanova’s, Kentucky’s of the world ... not Directional State U. 

Love this schedule.

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the tougher the schedule the better. with some veterans and great incoming class, we will be primed for a great showing in Big tournament and on to March madness. i like our chances.

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Gary Williams had a tough schedule one of his years at tOSU, but not a schedule that almost matches a tourney run.....Chris wants to make the  most of his coaching tenure. sort of like Belein when he was at Michigan. I just hope they are confident enough to endure the schedule... Freshmen hit walls, players have slumps but GOOD COACHING makes the difference.......

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Best non-conf schedule I can ever remember seeing, at least as far as name recognition.  WVU was really down last year and UNC lost a ton of talent (top 5 I believe), so maybe not quite as difficult as it might seem at first glance.  Will provide a good test for the young guys and get us ready to compete in conference.