Five Things: Individual Areas of Opportunity As Ohio State Hoops Dives into Summer Workouts

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No doubt the Wessons need to take that next step for us next season. Kaleb should be up around 18-20 ppg and Andre should at least be in the 12-15ppg range if we are going to make a deep run. Either that or 2 or 3 of our freshmen and sophomores explode. I sure would love to see the Justin Ahrens we saw vs. Iowa in every single game.

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I agree. If Ahrens puts up 29 pts a game, we should be in good shape.

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Thinking of the potential here - Is it me, or is Holtmann quietly putting together the makings of potentially some of the greatest teams we have ever seen at tOSU.  Even in light of the great teams from the early '60s and what we have had recently, the potential with the returning players and incoming freshmen is astounding!  If I'm getting too juiced for the bball team, I'll apply the air brakes here, but this is really starting to sound exciting along with the OOC schedule that is either insane or baller.

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We need to see improvement from the returning players for sure.

The freshmen and red shirts may be getting more playing time than we think if the returners do not take a step forwards.

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Gonna take it one step further, one quick thing for each returning guy.

Andre Wesson: improve offense/see above

Kaleb Wesson: stay on the floor. See above

Kyle Young: Get a solid post move or two. He’s not going to be a double digit scorer every night, and he doesn’t need to be. However, being a threat to score when he gets the ball, especially inside, would really put more pressure on the other team.

Musa Jallow: improve shooting. He showed a flash at the end of the year. His defense and rebounding is already there. He’s maybe the most athletic guy we have. If he could develop a respectable shooting stroke, watch out for him as a break out player.

Luther Muhammad: Offense/consistency/see above.

Duane Washington: Improve on shooting/see above

Justin Ahrens: improve defense and ability to drive. We’ve saw what he can do shooting, but his defense is keeping him off the court. Also, developing the ability to drive to the hoop would help open up some shot opportunities.

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Biggest thing to me... Kaleb Wesson - Attitude... If he can keep his emotions in check even when a call he disagrees with goes against him it will go a LONG way to keeping him on the floor and in the game mentally. You start bellyaching at early calls and it's over. Players tend to check out and you lose any benefit out the doubt with the refs for the rest of the game. The second part of attitude is sticking to the game plan. We saw a number of times Kaleb would get in foul trouble and not want to go into the paint and start drifting towards the 3 point line. An open 3 is an open 3 but he needs to down on the blocks.

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I agree that Kaleb needs to remain posed and not make dumb mistakes, but damn that dude was straight mauled most nights with no whistle. Yet he would sneeze and pick up a foul. It's like B10 refs do not know how to officiate a big offensive post player at all. 

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And he also can’t get suspended 


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Kaleb has got to lose some weight and get in better shape. Many of the fouls he committed were because he was tired and did not move his feet well.

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 I sure would love to see the Justin Ahrens we saw vs. Iowa in every single game.

 . . . provided that Justin is playing good defense, which is what's expected to gain minutes at OSU.

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Good reporting on the returning players, Chris L.  You highlight key areas rather than nitpick every flaw.

I saw a good analysis on of the strengths & weakness of each of OSU's first 3 2019 recruits, but not on Diallo.

Any chance we'll see something like that on all four freshmen?

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

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It is challenging as each of these men lack strong ball handling which means our transfer and freshman will deal with the pressure, I dream of a Lighty & Craft combo that catapults us into the top three in the big ten and a 4 or 3 seed in the tournament

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Just hoping that the new strength and conditioning program pays off for Kaleb. Needs to be more aggressive with his size, stuff the ball, develop stronger grip, and just go for it! Praying he follows the program. Has been a longtime since we've had a dominating inside presence. Go Bucks!!!

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Kaleb needs to improve his body strength and proportion from the core out to improve his movement on the floor. defensively, he seems to be a step behind when he goes to take a charge or set a screen. Also, his ability to run up and down the floor in transition needs to improve, to fill the lane offensively, and assist  on weak- side defense, all this comes from improving his core strengthening. He clearly has the tools to lead this team deep in a tourney run. And this team will only go as far as he can take them. With the addition of Ibrahima Diallo( and hopefully he will be able to give quality minutes when on the floor)in the paint, this may allow Kaleb to expand the front line responsibilities in the 4/5 spot, and bolster the frontline defensively, where the buckeyes failed against quality opponents last year. Kyle Young owns his spot whenever he is on the floor. He too though needs to improve his offensive arsenal. has the potential to be a leader in the future. His aggressiveness will be needed against quality opponents this coming season. The guard play can improve by a better studying of film on the opponent and  bringing that to practice. A leadership concern was evident last year due to how stagnant the offense was and how lack of communication on defense allowed opponents to have easy layup and dunks on the interior last year. If this team can clean up these things,. this team can win the B1G east and possibly the B1G tournament.

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We will not be nearly as good as hyped if Andre Wesson is playing big minutes...our newcomers have to step up big and take away some of that time