Best JR Smith Trade Possible

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Hennything is possible....

"We talkin' about practice?!" -Allen Iverson 2002

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I'm thinking Boston has the most parts to play with as far as draft picks but I'm not sure where any team mentioned stands in the salary cap/luxury tax  area. I do know the Cavs need to get whatever they can for Smith that said he is not an easy guy to deal. Someone who needs a 3 PT shooter to come off the bench that can play some D and ignore all the other issues.

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Whoever trades for JR isnt looking for him to play, they are trading for his contract because it is grandfathered in under the old rules and only 3million against the cap to cut him while trading out 14million in contracts

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Boston has assests, however, would they have anything left if they went out after Anthony Davis and got him. Kyrie bouncing to Brooklyn and  a Davis strikeout may not making them think to unload, extremely situational for them. 

Brooklyn could unload Crabbe for their 1at rounder straight up.

OKC is strapped, they could benefit, but what could they give back? 

Miami is too but they may be in a better situation to deal. 

Should be an interesting few weeks coming up...

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Pretty much 0 chance Davis goes to Boston imo.

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Saw some article mention JR & 26 for James Johnson's bad contract (2y/31.4m) & 13 from Miami. 

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I agree, Miami makes a ton of sense, they are facing the tax and are nowhere close to competing. I'd hate to help Pat Riley out though.

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This would be interesting, and probably as good as they could hope for, though I'm not sure the difference between who you get at 13 and who you get at 26 is all that great in this draft. After the last of the Reddish/Culver/Hunter trio goes at around 8, this draft becomes an enormous crap shoot.

Would it be better to take 21 and a bad contact from OKC and make two picks by keeping 26?

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Sign me up for this deal and grab Hunter/Culver at 5 (whichever one the Lakers don't take, Hunter is my preference but Culver might have more long term upside) and PJ Washington at 13. Bol Bol or Romeo Langford are also options at 13.

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

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I would do that in a heartbeat.

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Lakers now have Anthony Davis, LeBron, Kuzma and guys from the stands basically. They need bodies and especially shooters. JR's got one of those old labor deal deals so it would only cost the Lakers $3.8M towards their cap and the Cavs could bring back basically anyone in the $15M-$20M range and still make the deal work. His old deal was grandfathered into the new CBA and it allows for some wonky trade possibilities. Would need a 3rd team probably because there's no one left on the Lakers roster but it's very doable. 

Another possibility is they just cut him and the same money thing applies.. They would only eat $3.8 towards the cap..

Should no soon with the draft coming up this week..  ZERO chance he'll be a Cav a month from now..

Go Bucks!