Ryan Shazier Receives George Halas Award from Pro Football Writers of America

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Well deserved. 

I know he seems more committed to the NFL game than the college one, but I wouldn't mind if we managed to poach him at some point to coach in Columbus instead.

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I think it is a way to truly keep his foot in the door at the professional level. If he was a family member or good friend of mine, I selfishly wouldn't want him to play again and risk injury. It seems like he truly does want to though and by staying around the pro game that would give him the motivation and opportunity if that day came where he physically could. 

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His accomplishments are an extraordinary motivator for so many who have suffered paralysis.  However, there is absolutely no possibility of Shazier ever playing again.  None.  Spinal stabilization surgery involves hardware and bone, soft tissue modification that would never accept high intensity contact that football brings.  No professional team would ever allow him to do it and no doctor would ever sign off on it.  I suffered a broken back and had L4-S1 fused with discectomies and laminectomies and I’m not even supposed to run on hard surfaces for the rest of my life.

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I'm in your camp on this, Homey1970.  Even if he's able to run full speed the violent nature of the game is too much of a risk. He should think about his new bride and upcoming family and what could happen if he gets severely injured again. The Steelers can find a non-contact job for him or he could come back to Columbus with open arms waiting.

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Well deserved by Shazier. His determination and commitment to getting better is incredible.

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He is and should be an inspiration to all...

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I did not think it was possible for me to have even more admiration for Shazier. It appears I was wrong. 

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As a Steelers and Ryan Shazier fan, I'm glad to see him continue the grind on the road to recovery.  I do think he would be foolish to strap the pads on again.  However, I love the fact that he is inspiring the folks in the Steelers organization from top to bottom.

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Ryan's overcome a lot - more than anyone but him would have ever guessed was possible - and we as Buckeyes should definitely all be proud of him and encouraged by example.   

Tough Steelers? He's got some stiff competition with Rocky Bleier.

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Love this story of overcoming adversity. I believe Ryan will do everything in his power to return to the playing field, but even if he never plays again (very likely), he will stay in the game and be a contributor to the game  


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"I think Alabama would beat Ohio State if they played next weekend!" Clay Travis Fox Sports Post Championship Show 1.12.2015.  Needs no explanation.

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May he achieve physically the ability to be a professional athlete again - yet when he gets to that point, may he become a tremendous coach instead! 

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