College Football Early Odds -- Lines for Big Games This Season.

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Give me OSU and the points. EASY money 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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Mythigan will be lucky to finish 3rd in division. Gtfo

Fuck eSECpn and fuck Mythigan.

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Ha, I'm not a betting man by any stretch of the word but give me the Game straight up now and in november.
Interesting they would have osu over Penn st but dogs to ttun. Also bama has as big a joke of a schedule I have ever seen this year, LSU is the only team that will even be worth watching and they somehow dodge every team with a pulse out of the east.

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Keep making Michigan favorites and they’ll keep folding under pressure 

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At some point the weasels have to win one again

Wait, is this true?

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I'd take the weasels over Franklin.  That is unless he's got another QB with moxie.

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12-0 and a chance to go 13-0

In another universe ttun still sucks...

Beat wisky.  

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Get in on those points. The Bucks will be laying a minimum of seven by the time the game rolls around. 

Proudly dispensing unbridled arrogance since 1983.

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I bet Clemson will be favored by at least 2 TDs in every game this year. Their schedule is an absolute joke....yet again. They're a lock for the playoff.

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It’s really no fault of them though. They scheduled A&M who is at least a top 25 team. The rest of the ACC is just trash now that Florida State has fell apart. 

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Picking Michigan by 3.5 is really saying that they give them that edge because of home field. So, a 3.5 underdog is like telling us that is basically a pick game.  I would like some of these guys who make them a favorite explain how they are going to replace the defensive players they lost last year.  The first two rounds of the NFL draft were filled with Michigan defensive players this year.  And they deserved to be picked.  But you know, these guys are not walking in the door next year.  That is a big hole in that defense.  Believe nothing this time of the year.  The entire Big Ten East and the entire Big Ten West are all undefeated and tied for first today..  GO BUCKS!

Louis Haynes

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The entire Big Ten East and the entire Big Ten West are all undefeated and tied for first today

Except for Rutgers. Rutgers is definitely in last place. Even when everyone is tied, Rutgers loses. Rutgers was born 0-6 in-division, they are 0-6 in-division, and they’ll die 0-6 in-division