Despite Many Changes, Big Ten Basketball Will Likely Still Be Strong Once Again

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All killah
No fillah
Go Bucks!

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So let me get this straight... TTUN gave us such backlash and negativity for welcoming back Tressel and now they hire a Basketball Head Coach who's whole career while playing for them has been REDACTED? 


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Michigan would have LOVED to have Billy Donovan. We would have been THRILLED to hire Chris Beard. We would have GLADLY WELCOMED Brad Stevens. We would have been DELIGHTED with Jay Wright or Mark Few. Shoot, we would have been MORE THAN HAPPY with Nate Oats, Eric Musselman, Mick Cronin, Buzz Williams, or Mike Young.

Last I heard, all of these guys had recently signed contracts, none were available, and that was the reality. Howard was the best option available. And I'm not complaining, but we'll have to wait and see how he actually does.

One thing . . . of the Fab 5, Howard was always the grownup, and he was never implicated by the scandal. If you want to compare Tressel to someone, you need to compare him to Chris Webber. (And for the record, I think what Webber did was worse than what Tressel did.) But you need to be careful with "guilt by association." Just my two cents on Howard and the Fab 5.

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While I would agree that Howard seemed to be the cleanest of the fab five (a low bar, I might add), you make it sound like they had no choice but to hire him. They made a conscious decision to make this hire and reconnect themselves to the darkest episode in their hoops history. He might be a great coach and a wonderful human being. But let’s not kid ourselves about the past - or the present.

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TTUN is about to go on a downward trend.

Howard was an extremely risky hire, imo. Never been a head coach, never recruited before, and has never even been an assistant at the college level.

Weak hire. As a Buckeyes fan, I couldn’t be happier with that hire!

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Give J Howard a chance.  He should know his Xs & Os and should be able to recruit.  He should know what it takes to get players to the next level.  Sell that.  I don't believe he was involved in any scandal.  He may need some help on the administrative side, but he can get that.  Risky hire, maybe.  Bad hire, no.

“Being average means you are as close to the bottom as you are to the top.” John Wooden

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I never liked Howard or any not the "Fab Five", but they were kids and their former coach encouraged their behavior.  But they were kids, give the guy a chance, he had a good pro career and assistant coach career,  Hiring any new coach is risky.  I hope he does well but loses to the Buckeyes every time we play him.


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Nebraska faithful have a good much to look forward to this coming season (field and court).

Hindsight is, and in, 2020