Third-Year Reset: Haskell Garrett Competing to Potentially Earn Larger Role in Ohio State's Defensive Tackle Rotation

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I really like Haskell Garrett, just has the unfortunate business of playing a position where there are nothing but monsters all around him. The Buckeyes have hit a nice period in time where they've brought in absolute studs and Garrett is fighting for playing time in a room full of great prospects. I think he's got it in him to crack the code and become a big part of the rotation. 

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Crazy when you have multiple 4-5 star d linemen. How many of these guys will be drafted?

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If I had to guess the 'window' of where Id say our DL gets drafted, it would go like this.

Chase Young (1st to 5th overall), Johnathon Cooper (3rd-5th round), Taron Vincent (1st-3rd round, based on potential), Davon Hamilton (5th round to UD), Rob Landers (most likely UD but possibly 6th, 7th round), Jashon Cornell (5th round to UD), Tommy Togiai (1st-2nd round, based on potential, likely first round), Tyreke Smith (1st-3rd round), Haskell Garrett (2nd-5th round)

I think Vincent and Togiai can become top 15 picks themselves if they reach their potential.

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Keep grinding,'ll come.

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Not everybody can be a starter.  Make the most of the reps you get big guy.  Play like your hair is on fire and LJ will find a way to get you on the field.

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Garrett, Vincent and Togiai will all play. All three are way too talented to sit. 

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By allowing this level of depth the DL will be in pretty good shape at a time when they may need to be fresh and make a big defensive stand

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I agree with your post. However, he has been under used, especially last year. 

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Quinnen was arguably the best player in draft and played as much 


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Garrett should play a lot this year.  He seemed to really come on when he got his chances last year.  Our D-Line is going to be downright filthy this year.  Coach LJ has a rotation that most coaches would dream about.  

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It rarely goes as you plan coming to a big time program unless you are gifted as hell (young, bosa etc) but coaches notice attitude, effort and progress...when your number is called just give it your all...I'm sure HG will make an impact this year and beyond!!!

go Bucks!!

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With all do respect to Landers and Hamilton, I think starting Garrett and Vincent would be addition by subtraction.

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Kind of apples to oranges as they don't play the same positions.

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Here is just another case of I can't wait till this guy lines up next year and do this and that. Not saying he won't from here on out but not everyone jumps in the water day one and some of them drown and never seen again. Another one who would probably be a starter at most schools. Personally not a fan of Frosh starting from day one. It doesn't say much for the talent recruited ahead of them but there are exceptions though.