Should the NCAA Men's Three-point Line Be Moved Back?

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I change my vote(3)

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Might be nice to match that international line, which couldn't hurt international play.

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YES - Internationally and in the NBA it's longer yet. College players are adults, not kids anymore. There is little reason to keep it at it's present distance. 


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I know it's not the objective, but if moving the line back in any way speeds up the game then I'm in.

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It's not a great brand of bball. I'd rather see fast breaks than pull up 3s.

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And I'll add taking a step inside the line and take 15 footers. 

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thats just dumb from a scorers perspective 

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aka the worst shot to take in all of basketball. You have to be able to make your 2pt shots 50% more often than your 3pt shots to make taking a 2 (especially from 15+ feet) worthwhile.

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I just think it should be consistent in college and professionally whether it's the NBA or overseas. 

For the guys that make it to play professionally, having to transition from 3 different lines from high school to college to pro's has to be annoying.  

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The way the game is going, it doesn't really matter where the line is.

I have some friends that coach on various levels of youth basketball from elementary to high school, and they've all been complaining about the 'Steph Currying' of basketball the last several years. Every kid thinks they can shoot 3 pointers and will pull up from anywhere on the court cause they watch Curry do it. 

I didn't think much of it, but this year my 9 year old - 3rd grader son played basketball and kids in his league were taking shots from all over the place. 

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Probably.  Not like they're good at hitting the current three anyway.  Might as well start learning the proper distance

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Eventually going to make it difficult for 3rd graders to measure up.  Because the line will have to be moved back for their little league basketball, so that they can compete when the Middle School and High School lines will be moved back, leading into the College level.  When does it end?

I assume eventually the higher ups will give in to the issue of raising the basket.  Not only do they not want the number of threes, but I am sure they are tired of seeing all the dunks.  Someone is going to have to create a new "basketball drug" for elementary kids, where they will grow faster, and taller to compete with the masses.  LOL

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Is it football season yet?

At least no BIG off season issue yet.  Knock on WOOD"y".


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All the way to half court.

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