Third-Year Reset: Josh Myers Set for First Substantial Playing Time As Ohio State's New Starting Center

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Big responsibilities on the horizon for Big Josh, but that's what it's all about - and why he's at Columbus.

I think that not only does he settle into handling the snaps, but develops into a leader up front down the road.


Ever since I saw videos of him weightlifting you just knew Josh was going to be good. Wouldnt be surprised to see him win the Remington and bolt for the NFL either.

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Excited to see how this O line develops. What is the projected line looking like this year.

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It's looking like Munford, Wyatt Davis, and Myers are locked in, and Jonah Jackson is very likely at the other Guard spot.  The biggest wild card looks like RT, with NPF or Bowen battling

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If Bowen can finally stay healthy.  It'd be great to see him finally get a healthy season after coming back from so much.

Go Bucks!

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Yeah, this O-line by game 4 is gonna be fierce. Elite Slobs.

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Myers has the potential to be a multi-year linchpin of Ohio State’s offensive line and potentially become a team captain in 2020 and/or 2021 if he opts to stick around.

I've always liked the BLUF concept. Bottom Line Up Front.  Just had to tweak it a little bit. I am so ready for Myers and Davis to start kicking some butt.

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Myers and Davis are going to absolutely destroy kids on the interior this season. They’re ready.

This is definitely where I parked my car.

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Myers is going to have to be huge to Ohio State to have a great season. From what I am hearing and reading, I believe he is ready and able to take on the huge task. Here's to a very successful season.

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I watched Myers closely during the Spring Game and thought he looked very good.  All of his snaps were straight and quick.  I'm really bullish on our O-Line this season.  

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I love great linemen and great line play on BOTH sides of the ball.  The Bucks should have both this season.  Can't wait to see it all happen.  If Myers is holding his own in practice he is going to be a great one.  And a bit of a mean streak only helps.

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Potential is very strong. Let's avoid the word "injured", all season. Establish strong starters, develop strong back ups and teach the third team what will help them contribute.

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I saw that pic of Myers and flashed to the gif of Price toying with Winlessvich. Something tells me our O-line is going to be solid this year. Maybe not out of the gate but by the time we hit Ann Arbor. 

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Was patiently waiting for Josh to gel. Congrats. The hard work has finally paid off. He is going to be special.

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Can't think of a better guy you'd want on the interior of the OL. Strong, quick, high motor, fierce competitor. The run game is going to be so improved this year, I can't wait to see it.