Jack Sawyer Spins Ohio State Pressure into a Positive, Has “no Worries” About Ryan Day As a Head Coach

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“You can kind of keep him in the moment. That’s the biggest role that we try to play,” Hillerich said. “Because you’ve got people telling him, ‘One day, the NFL” or whatever it may be, but we just say, ‘Hey, enjoy your sophomore high school homecoming dance.’”

Nice close, sound advice.

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Totally agree Hove!  Was thinking keeping head on straight would or could be problematic.  Sounds like that's not an issue, at least to this point.  Also sounds like coaches have a plan to make sure it stays that way.  Good for them.

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TODAY... is the only day in town....

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I logged in simply because of that final sentence. Could you get more down to earth and wholesome? I think not. What a great support system that surround him.

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"When I walk off that field, I want people to be like, ‘That’s the best player I’ve ever played against.’"

A coaches (and fathers) dream.

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Absolutely. Too many players are satisfied with being the best on their team that they lose sight of being the best on any team. 

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Jack seems like a great kid and has some really good people around him.

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This is an exciting young man, it is a pleasure to read how invested he is in becoming the best version of himself! 

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lol hand timed 40 in gym. come on panthers. give the guys a real combine.

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It was moved inside due to rain and wind. Couldn't really help that with about 30 or so colleges visiting from across the Midwest. Not easily rescheduled. They had lines painted on the field and waited as long as they could before moving inside. 

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As a fellow (really former) Columbus suburb kid, I love  seeing these guys play for the Buckeyes. Even more excited that there have been two of the 5 star variety lately. A dream I was far too unathletic to even sniff come true. 

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This is why I absolutely love Ohio kids. They don't come to play for Urban and they don't come to play for Day.. They're here to play of Ohio State. You'll never hear me say that we shouldn't recruit kids from out of state but we need to lock down every 5 & high end 4 star kid coming out of Ohio. 

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Pickering North

As a former resident of Pickerington, I recognize this as one of the many alternate spelling/pronunciation options that people use for Pickerington.

I just never understood why so many people cannot get this name correctly spelled and/or pronounced.  

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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It has been, and always shall be, Picktown. 

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This article shows just how difficult it is to judge potential collage talent.  This young man is going into 10th grade in HS, and is expected to make decisions about the next 7-8 years of his life!  Stay great and improve through HS, even though you don't need to to become All-State; keep your college draft stock at the top of the boards. Don't post anything that might possibly be taken as politically incorrect in the next 10 years; actually prove to be a top college talent. Don't get seriously injured. And on and on....  and we complain when a 5* recruit flames out every now and then????  Like buying a lotto ticket and bitching when you don't win a million bucks!


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Really excited about this young man and his commitment to the good guys... he seems like he has a great head on his shoulders, and all the talent in the world on the field... I can see him being another DLine men to carry on the tradition the scarlet and grey has made for itself... sawyer under Johnson’s watchful, kid is going to be a playmaker we can all be ecstatic about... plus, he is on the recruiting trail as well, so maybe he can bring in some high profile kids too to do great things in columbus