Greg Oden Selected No. 7 by Aliens in the BIG3 Draft

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Congrats to Greg Oden for completing his degree. He's a Buckeye forever, but now he can frame it on his wall.

I remember reports from when he left the NBA and returned for classes at OSU. Students were in disbelief, e.g. "I was in **** class and I'm pretty sure that was Greg Oden at the desk next to me. WTF?".

What was Oden's major? I can't recall.

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Education,sport industry, I believe.

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The article didn't note where the Aliens are from.  Area 51, maybe?  Or a secret corner of WPAFB?

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They were housed in Bldg 56, IIRC.  Same bldg Project Blue Book was headquartered.  Also in one of the hangers, forgot which one, just south of 13th.  Know all this because for years every few years someone from WP would fess up they had seen them there!  That many people couldn't possibly be wrong!!!

So wherever they planned to be, they should change that to Beavercreek and play in the Nutter center.  Only slightly more than a stones throw from these bldgs!

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I'm fairly certain that he escaped from the trunk of a 1964 Chevy Malibu, last seen in Goffs, California.

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Repo Man reference +1. Great soundtrack too. 

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How long before he goes on the dl?


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Dude, sometimes it's OK to think something but NOT post it.

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Over/Under set at 7 games

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Is he legal?

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They must have changed the team names, too...I don't recall there being an "Aliens" team the last couple of years.  Nevertheless, I'll be tuning in to see him ball.

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It was an 'expansion' draft, so they must have added a few teams this year.  I have watched a good deal of these games, they are entertaining.  It's like a glorified YMCA pickup game, only EVERYONE is that one old dude who knows all of the tricks and rarely misses.

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Oh, this is a real league? I thought it was a space jam ripoff when I first saw the image.

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I thought I was being beamed up via a catchy title...

Good for the big fella.

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Hopefully he doesnt enter the transfer portal.

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That news is out of this world.

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Is Oden officially off the basketball staff? 

Go Buckeyes!!!