A Decade of Dominance: The NFL Draft's First Round During The 2010s

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Pretty impressive. You're on a real roll. Thanks much

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peidiwch â ffycin gyda'r Cymry

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The stats regarding OSU's B1G dominance are awesome. It's hard to understate the type of players that are in the program and, for the most part, their development. What's really incredible is that all that dominance is better than everyone else and yet only 53% of what Alabama has done. That's sobering.

I survived Cooper, and I hate Tai Streets.

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I believe Bama will crack the #1 with Tua next year. 

Thumbs up

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I believe the team that drafts him that high are making a big mistake.

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notably a ton of gators were meyer players

Buckshots... always there for you if you missed the news last month