The Hurry Up: 2022 Linebacker Shawn Murphy Visits Campus, Darrion Henry, Jaheim Thomas Could Release Cut Lists Soon

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It's like Thomas and Henry share a brain or something. Their Tweets are exactly the same lol.

11 Strong.

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Taylor, in your opinion which school carries the most recruiting clout these days?  It seems like Alabama has been passed by a couple of programs recently.

Go Buckeyes!!!

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I just had this discussion with my brother last night. We felt like recruiting clout currently looks like...

1. Clemson

2. Georgia

3. Alabama

4. Oklahoma

5. Ohio State

with 2 & 3 being very tight and 4 & 5 being very tight. I think Ryan Day will do a great job and we will ascend closer to the top.

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Your list looks pretty spot on Archie, especially with Clemson sitting in the pole position.

I like your take on 2/3 and 4/5 almost being interchangeable as well, recruiting is such a fluid thing and definitely has almost constant momentum shifts. Kind of like a football game, hmmm...

Things have definitely changed at the WHAC since this time last year and while Coach Day has a ton of potential and a lot of momentum, there are a LOT of things that have to fall his way in 2019 for things to pick back up. I have confidence but also have some reservations and think it's important to realize he's NOT UFM, maybe better maybe worse but definitely different.

On a side note, Oklahoma definitely has some QB equity after having their QBs win the Heisman AND go #1 in the NFL draft two years in a row!

"Defiance in Silence" 


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It's hard to say Clemson is not at the top with the First Round of the draft last night and with the class they are putting together for 2020. I honestly believe Georgia is creeping its way toward the value of an Alabama offer nowadays. Guys are taking hard looks at Georgia versus Alabama. I do believe Ohio State is ahead of Oklahoma, but Oklahoma is working its way in with more Texas kids recently. Alabama and Clemson seem to be the top two. That being said, though, these guys tell me how much Ohio State offers change their recruitments, so Ohio State isn't slipping as much as it could seem. This summer will be a big time for the program in recruiting, as it is for any but Ohio State in particular.

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Thanks for the analysis.  I took a look at the top 100 players on 247 sports and I feel a lot better about our standing.

Go Buckeyes!!!