Where Does Dwayne Haskins Go Tonight?

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I think the Redskins trade up and take him.  But if I were a fortune teller, I'd be broke.

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Homer vote, as I'm a fan, voted Redskins (I hope Doug Williams drives this thing).

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Raiders. Chucky wants to make a splash. 

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Just hoping he goes to an NFC team.

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As a Lions fan... I'm really hoping he falls and they take him. Stafford's time is limited and he could learn a lot behind Stafford for a year or so. Buuuuuut, that would require the Lions to be a competent franchise... which they have shown they are not. 

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Gawd I hope he doesn't go to the Redskins...that organization seems to be an equal mess to the Giants...

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Been saying Redskins since day 1, not changing pick now. I'll repost my 1st rd qb projections:
Haskins - Redskins
Murray - Raiders
Lock - Bengals
Jones - Giants

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I think we might see a Aaron Rodgers style fall and everyone in the league will be kicking themselves in 2-3 years.  

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Either Giants or Broncos.

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Bengals....well, just because.

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Go Pack go!!!

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Voted Broncos, congrats to all the Buckeyes who get drafted in this years draft. Go Bucks !!!


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Redksins make sense but not sure I understand the need to trade up to #5. I'm not sure there's another QB taken in the top 10 after Murray. Seems like the competition for Haskins and the Redskins would be Bengals, Broncos and Dolphins..

I still think he ends up with the Giants but not with pick #6 but with pick #17...

Go Bucks!

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Pretty sure I heard that he's staying home

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I chose "Other" because of all the uncertainty. I hope he plays for the Redskins, though.

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I voted for the Redskins, but I voted after he was selected by the Redskins, so my vote might be a bit biased. 

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I voted Redskins but I was hoping my Bengals would take but they bungaled that like always.

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