Who Will See More Carries in 2019?

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even Crowley will have more carries than McCall

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Voted MTIII, getting the grinder carries to spell JK.

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Run DMC hasn't ever shown that he is an every down back, except in mop up duty against lesser opponents.  I voted for Master Teague. 

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Teague will get more carries, DMC will get more touches

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Demario McCall is criminally under used and it's a complete shame.  IMO opinion Demario is better than JK and should start over him.  They both came into tOSU as the #2 APB in their class,  I just think DM is more explosive and faster.  DM reminds me of Karim Hunt

I do think Teague gets more touches unless DM gets an opportunity and takes off from there.

I'd like to see Crowley and DM as our primary go to running backs this year.

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I'm not a huge fan of people down voting and not at least responding.. With that, I do agree that DMC is under used and has shown (albeit against lesser opps) that he can produce when given the opportunity. I'm not sure if I can co-sign that Demario is better than JK, based off what JK has accomplished. I will however advocate that DMC get meaningful carries (12+ touches) against good comp.  


I think most important before any predictions, is that McCall must first stay healthy.  Seems he been hard pressed to do so, and in the interim he’s been deified, at the expense of recognizing those that are actively contributing.  Wish McCall well, first with full and continued health for an entire season!

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you might watch highlights of Dobbins last 2 years then watch McCall's CRUCIAL fumble against UM.  


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Demario at most schools going into this year would be a Heisman contender. He better get more touches this year, passes and runs!

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Demario McCall is the fetch of the Ohio State football program - it's just never going to happen.

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Logical answer is Teague as he is the true backup RB. DMC is not a true RB. He may get more touches overall as he'll run routes, but Teague will get all backup carries.

DMC is super flashy but until he can put together three downs and knock people over he isn't getting in the game as much as he probably should.

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I really like DM but MT is going to be a beast, that dude runs angry and will be a national name soon imo.

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I say Master Teague. I’d like to see DMC explode but just can’t see it until it happens. Been waiting patiently. Master Teague on the other hand is a Man amongst boys. He has the potential to be great. I think he may end up being the workhorse in the backfield taking a lot of carries from JK. Only time will tell but I like our options! Go Bucks!

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The key word is carries. MT will get more carries due to being the backup RB. RunDMC will get more touches due to be all over the field.