Ohio State Set to Build Upon Storied History, Recent Success with 2019 NFL Draft Picks

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A coworker mentioned he bet lunch with a friend that Bosa goes first in the draft; if Murray goes first his friend wins... I told him he'll probably lose the bet because Kliff is a nutjob and the 49ers with laugh all the way to a future pro-bowler.

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No special graphic just for Nate Ebner? Patriots bias. 

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I wanna see the Browns make a play to get Michael Jordan... I think he's an undervalued prospect and Cleveland needs good solid youth up front.... Interested to see where everyone goes.  I also think Johnnie Dixon goes late and all three of those WRs find themselves on NFL rosters come this fall.  I know Terry has blown up, rightfully so... He's gonna be good as will Paris, but Dixon might sneak up on some people and make a splash too.  Love those guys.

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2016 Thomas goes 2nd rnd... What did the Browns do with the picks that year? Is that the year they picked the WR from IIRC Baylor 1st rnd who is not even with the team? When will the two Ohio NFL franchises learn you can't loose with Buckeyes most of the time.

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Quite a few there from the Senator.


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Whoever drafts Haskins will be getting a talented, determined young man. I hope he ends up in a good situation for his greatest success.

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26 players drafted since 2016! 14 of which played their HS ball from the GREAT state of Ohio!!! I wouldn’t have guessed that number being as high.

"When you help someone up a hill, you get that much closer to the top yourself..."

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I wonder what that means. I'd be interested in seeing how other top programs break down.
Is this an indictment on the success when you stay close to home, or on the passion you have for a program? Either way interesting conversation topic.

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Fascinating numbers, thanks.  These stats reinforce the long history of excellence Ohio State has had—especially in comparison to some other big-name programs.  I never would have guessed the disparity between the Buckeyes and Alabama and Oklahoma.

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I would have n very guess this...

and the first quarterback from any Big Ten school to be drafted in the first round since Penn State’s Kerry Collins in 1995

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You almost forget how well Coop recruited. Having two #1 overall NFL draft picks in four seasons - one defense and one offense ended up being historic for the Buckeyes. Well done, sir.

Tress was such a model of consistency. I basically forgot how many guys he put in the NFL, and at such a high clip during that six-year run from '04-'09. Seeing it in print was mind-boggling.

I also didn't realize that there truly was a little bit of a drop off at Ohio State, when Urban arrived. Of course 6-7 in 2011 yadda yadda yadda - I was always in the camp that the 2011 season was overblown, and 5 or 6 of those 7 losses came down to one possession with the team having a chance to score and win almost every game in the 4th quarter except for maybe two of the games. Not sending 7+ players to the NFL in one single draft, and not doing so for 6 years is hardly what I'd call the program needing rebuilt or anything like that - we were still sending guys to the NFL, just not at such a prolific clip. But to see the gap in print does have to make me acknowledge that there's a little something to it. Urban started a train of sending tons of guys to the NFL from Ohio State, and once he got all the way cooking, did it every year. A clip that might not ever be broken here - especially for 1st round picks. Man, Urban did take the program to heights not seen here - and I usually think it's hyperbole when people talk about Urban here like that. Just legendary.

Coop, Tress, and Urbs all made Buckeye Nation proud in various ways. I'm pushing 40 and have never lived to see the program fall to lows like basically every other top/historic program has during my life. All 3 florida schools, USC, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame, Nebraska - and yes even Clemson and Alabama have all sucked for a noteworthy period of time in my life. But not our Buckeyes. Not sure I recall Oklahoma really having a sustained period of sucking like the others, but our 30+ year run has been far more impressive. 

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A lot of good points. Especially the one about clemson. That program was bordeline non existent until about 6 or 7 years ago.

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You almost forget how well Coop recruited    Having two #1 overall NFL draft picks   

over 13 years with a 2-10-1 record ?  even a stopped clock is right twice a day ...

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the first quarterback from any Big Ten school to be drafted in the first round since Penn State’s Kerry Collins in 1995.

That's a nearly unbelievable stat. A Power 5 conference goes more than 20 years without having a QB taken in the first round. OU is about to have 2 taken #1 in consecutive years.

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What, wait a minute! The team that has won the most September Heismans and the team that has the all time wins record in college football has put 34 fewer players in the first round than the Buckeyes? How can that be!

I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan!

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When looking through the posted chart...


And not one of them was a bust 

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...the first quarterback from any Big Ten school to be drafted in the first round since Penn State’s Kerry Collins in 1995.

This is mind-blowing to me.

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