Ohio St vs B1G Powers, Recruiting Edition.

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Good stuff, Gunner. 2020 looks pretty good so far, but I've been a bit concerned (not panicked) about the overall numbers and some recent three-star signings, which are all fine if they're underrated studs as opposed to being early reaches driven by the fact that OSU's signings haven't quite kept pace with the big dogs.

Not bad, especially relative to the Big 10, but not quite a top 5 class relative to everyone else. 

Let's hope for a big finish to Spring recruiting plus a successful Summer, and we ultimately end up with at least a top 5 class. Frankly, I think that's almost pivotal for Day along with a 10 win season or better. After all, first impressions are lasting impressions. 

Meanwhile, it sure would be nice to have a big surprise next week with Bryan Bresee, who's an absolute monster of player and was trending towards the Buckeyes early on, but after the Meyer problems, his interest seemed to fade, and now he looks like (blah!) a Clemson lock. 


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I believe that coaching was the issue on defense last year; somehow the philosophies didn’t mesh or too many alpha males were in competition rather than collaboration. 

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Ohio State is on a different level in the big ten plain and simple. If this season goes well Day should easily be able to cruise to a top 5 class, 2021 is looking bright too, just on Ohio talent alone.
Michigan has gotten a few big wins on the recruiting path but also takes a lot of 3* guys. Oddly enough it's been the underrated guys that have played well for them over top guys like Gary, Peppers, Patterson etc.
I'd imagine PSU will be taking a step back if we can poach the top Pennsylvania recruits but I'm not up on their national presence.

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Great post, Gunner - good, comparative snapshot of how the big three have done the past few seasons.

Some early concern about Day and staff holding the standard (I think they do in time), and I think Ohio State shows similar results in the seasons to come.

I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low...

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Very good post. Honestly, this is why I've been in despair, to some degree . . . how do you catch up to OSU when the Buckeyes are bigger, faster, more athletic? Michigan has done well with the talent on hand, and their talent level is slowly catching up. But Michigan has clearly been behind.

The other thing is that coaches sometimes see things that the recruiting boards miss. And the recruiting boards sometimes have some kids greatly overrated. The best coaches look under every rock and fine "diamonds in the rough" that are often missed. A great illustration of this is Beilein in Basketball. He has located some great players who no one else was in on (Caris Levert, Mo Wagner, etc.) I think Don Brown in particular has been very good at finding high talent in the northeast that is overlooked elsewhere.

As well, Mattison and Washington were both very good coaches and recruiters, and will be sorely missed.