This Week in Twitter: Nick Gray Passed Jesse Owens, Matthew Baldwin Intends to Transfer, Drue Chrisman Proposed

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Gene Smith got a boat dedicated to him?  The haters are gonna love that. 

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The haters h8rs are gonna love that.


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True.  Though it is increasingly difficult to deny that Gene is the GOAT.  He seems like a good man too.

Our people are everywhere, Esto Dignus.

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I’m with you. But there’s a lot of hate for him among the fan base. 

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Good for Tiger.  He's got some familiar venues coming up at the PGA (Bethpage) and US Open (Pebble) to try for # 16.  I think going forward, Augusta will be his most likely major to add to his total. That place is just as much knowing where to miss as it is knowing where to hit it.  And that only comes with experience...I knew he'd knock it close on #16 in the final round because of it. 

US Opens will probably be the toughest for him to win unless he gets more consistent off the tee.  You're punished in the rough, and he's not the longest player anymore to be able to still make it up scrambling.  

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Joey Bosa back in the 97 jersey....and balance has been restored to the force.

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The redo kick had me ROFL!!

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Drue's girlfriend fiancee is really something. She's got talent.
How many of us could kick a field goal into the butt of the snapper?

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Happy Good Friday!

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Nick Gray. Another PickTown kid. Just saying. 

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Drue has made me rethink my view of kickers to a small degree!

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