Ohio State Reportedly Expresses Interest in Possible Nevada Transfer Jordan Brown

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Be a monster get. Was really under utilized by Nevada this year. Nevada just liked using more experience players. Don’t think we really have a chance at him but he would be a Home run get. 

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No kidding...we need to find a backup yesterday!  

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Dang, 3M! You beat me to it! Good on you.

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Cats rock
Especially if they also play QB.

There's no points for second place, gentlemen.

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It took me about half the article to realize this wasnt a QB-transfer thread, though 6'11'' is a bit tall for a QB.

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A 6’ 11” QB, has there ever been one in the NCAA? /s

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I think Dan McGuire was 6’-9”

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I seriously thought this was in regards to a QB. I saw “6’11” and my eyes nearly popped out. It wasn’t until I got all the way down to “averaged 3 points” then I felt sooooo stupid.

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I love the idea of going after this guy, but what does that do for Diallo.  If we collect Brown, then we have a RS Soph in Brown for the 2020 season and a true Soph in Diallo for the 2020 season.  Both are not going to get starter minutes...so what goes down?

I think Brown would be an animal, but what does that do for the trust of other recruits?  I don't know.

I trust Holtmann though.


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2019 Starting Center might be in Europe, shared minutes to both.


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Given that Brown will be visiting the likes of UK, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

the empire never ended

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It's probably a long shot that Brown comes here, but I actually think it would be an ideal situation.

I don't think that even if Kaleb slims down quite a bit and improves his game, his stock will be much different now than it is after his Junior year, which means the G-League or Europe would be his likely destination. But I have a hunch Kaleb is gone after his Junior year. Not sure how many kids have tested the NBA waters twice and returned both times, but I doubt the percentage is very high. And with Andre graduating and a 4th year of getting double teamed and beat up in the Big 10, making a little money playing basketball (even if it is not the NBA) probably will look pretty appealing.

So if he does leave, the only sure bets we have are a raw sophomore in Diallo and a couple of PFs in Liddell and Young playing the 5. Holtmann would more than likely bring in another PF/C, but it is not like we have the inside track on any 5 star center. So we would be looking at playing either Diallo or a true frosh like John Hugley 20 plus mins a game at the 5, which neither may be ready for.

If you bring in Brown, you got a guy likely able to play 20-25 mins a game, Diallo could play 10-15, and maybe a few mins a game with Young or Liddell at the 5.

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