2019 NFL Schedule

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First time in a long time I anticipated the release of the Browns schedule and studied it closely. Is it weird they play the Steelers twice in three weeks?

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The season can’t get here fast enough.  Bill Belichick was our coach last time I was this excited for the start of a Browns season.  

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I liked it alot more when the browns sucked. I have nothing against them, it's just the post game call in show was pure gold.

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Browns have to be doing cartwheels. Finish the season with Arizona, Bengals twice and the Ravens... aka the NFL wants the Browns in the playoffs..

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The formula for who plays what teams was set years ago. How did the NFL plan this?

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Tcm isn't talking about who they play on their schedule, but the timing of when they play certain perceived weaker teams.  Not saying I agree with the statement that the NFL wants the Browns in the playoffs, but with those four very winnable games coming at the end it certainly sets them up for a solid finish.

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I think if the league was arranging things in that way, they would have backloaded the Browns schedule instead, since those are the games they will have Kareem Hunt for. 

I can see a scenario where the Browns will start something like 4-4 and need a late run against an easier schedule to make the playoffs, similar to what the Ravens did last season. But considering they have such a culture of losing, the important thing is that they start fast. The last time they had any expectations was 2008, and they went 0-2 at home to start the season, which killed off all hope right away.

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Why is there only one team with a Bye week in week four and five teams with a bye in week 10? It is an even number of byes between the two weeks but what causes the weeks with the odd numbers? 

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How is that even possible with an even # of teams?  Is one team playing twice those weeks?  

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The Jets and San Fran have a bye in week four. Six teams have a bye in week 10.  

You can't have an odd number of teams have a bye week.  

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The embedded tweet does not show the entire picture, therefore doesn't show the entire schedule. There are 2 byes in week 4 and 6 byes in week 10.

If you click the tweet, it will open in Twitter and then you can see the whole thing.

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Thanks. I didn't look at the entire image. 


When i first saw that NFL Super Bowl commercial with all the NFL greats fighting over a football and you see Brady handing all his rings to Mayfield my first thought was "I bet the Browns play New England next season." That was good guess lol.

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The Browns (and all the AFC north) play all the teams in the AFC east this year.  That has been known for a long time.

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What is that in the bottom right corner of all the Thanksgiving Day games?

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