Highest Selected: Ohio State's Defensive Ends and the NFL Draft

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Great read, as per usual. Thanks Matt

Can't recall.  Did Van Decree get drafted?

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DeCree was not drafted and played in the old World League in its final year, and when it went under his playing career was over

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As someone else noticed Jim Marshall was DE drafted by the Browns in the 4th round in 1960

Sam Tidmore who played back when guys played both ways was WR on offense and DE on defense and was drafted by the Browns in 1962

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Crazy to think how successful OSU has been on the D line over the last few years. LJ Sr is exactly what the Buckeyes needed and what a grab from psu. 

My guess is that Nick will be the highest selected Buckeye on the D Line.

The off season bites !!

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Great list of players, and it's only gonna get bigger in the coming years with Nick Bosa and Chase Young.

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Cam Heyward was drafted in 2010 wasnt he?

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I remember the first time I saw Alonzo Spellman on campus, glad I never had to line up in front of him.

Thumbs up

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Eric Kumerow was listed as LB/DE in both College and NFL. (not for long)


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Yes, he is listed in the second table (1988) at the bottom of the piece.

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Matt, "At the conclusion of the 2006 season, " we all know you mean 2016* 

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Thanks. You'd think that by now, my fingers would know the difference between the 0 and 1 on the number pad...smdh.