Ohio State Sprinter Nick Gray Breaks Two School Records, Including Jesse Owens' 100-Meter Dash Record

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awesome job, Nick 

Congrats on breaking the legends record 

Life long fan of... The!

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Well done congratulations, passing a legend like Owens. Proud moment for sure. 

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And wouldn’t point out he didn’t have starting blocks and a slow track.


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just as im sure Nick wouldn't point out the hand timing or lack of wind aid adjustments ;)

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Records are meant to be broken. Every T&F athlete knows that and are happy for those that break their records.

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Congrats to Nick Gray. Kid is a beast. Got to be something when you break a record by Jesse Owens. 

But It took 80 years to break Jesse Owens record in the 100? That only goes to show how incredible the man was. 

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Exactly. Hats off to Gray, but 80 years! That equates to Owens being super-human and nothing less.

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Exactly. Owens ran on cinders with low tech shoes. T


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What is the longest still running record worldwide or nationally, at least 20 years, regardless of amateur or professionalism? 


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Longest football pass still belongs to Uncle Rico. Distance recorded: over them there mountains.

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Not sure but FloJo's 1988 records in the 100m.and 200m still stand. I believe other female track records from the 80's still stand.

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All WR's for women in the sprints up to and including the 800m still stand, and all were from the 80's.  Also makes you wonder what the PED policy was in the 80's as well.

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Wow! That is blazing! I'm even more amazed that his 10.17 100-meter got 2nd place.

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Congratulations Nick on taking the silver and breaking the record!

Establishing a mark that lasts for 80 years is incredible and why James Cleveland Owens is my all time favorite OSU athlete.

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Can't have a Scarlet without Nick Gray! Have a day Nick, Jesse must be beaming down on you with pride!

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That is amazing. Blown away here.  Congratulations Nick Gray!

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Wow!  That's impressive!  And breaking the record of an OSU legend and national hero just has to be the greatest!!

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Wow!  I didn’t know about the record, but if you break a record that was held for 80 years by the incredible Jesse Owens... wow. It really is amazing for Mr Gray, but, for me, it says a lot more about the ability of Mr Owens. It feels good all around, and what a story!

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10.17 WOW.... all time great buckeye

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WOW is right.   Holy cow!  If Owens' record was meant to be broken I'm glad it was broken by another Buckeye.

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it was a school record ...it could only be broken by another Buckeye

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That is awesome... Congratulations and well done...
Want to put some things in perspective though as to just how fast Jesse Owens was...


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A Canadian sprinter w/ a personal best of 9.92 who is about the same height & weight as Owens ran on a dirt track w/ replica shoes & was timed at 11.0.


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Wow. The record was from 1936? Even I'm not old enough to remember that.    Men’s 100m Dash Ohio State Outdoor Record :10.2, Jesse Owens, 1936

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And wow, a record that lasted 80 years? Amazing Jesse Owens.

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Beating Jesse's records? Holy Guacamole. A star is born.

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That's movin'...congratulations to Nick Gray.

I'm not around that much, running exhausted and lost...

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That deserves Gray shirt AND a scholarship

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Nick runs a 10.17 100 meters and finishes SECOND!!!!!!