Videos: Ryan Day and Ohio State Players React to Saturday's Spring Game

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Really impressed with the way Coach Day handled the post-game presser. No stumbling or double-speak, just answered questions straight up without giving away info that it's not time to address.

I've seen the comments on other threads that are critical about various aspects of this team and coaching staff. To all the naysayers I say -- it's too early to judge anything or anyone. Lots of new folks involved, working relationships take time. I'm confident that this staff will have the Bucks ready to rock and roll come season opener.

Great day to be a Buckeye!


People will bellyache because what else do they have to do? Still got 5 more months of the #offseason wasteland lol

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Just doesn't seem the same without Bourbon Mire on the sideline....

Saban on a cart eating cold pizza

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Didn't see anything mentioned about Fields and his hand. I did notice Day walking off the field with a medical guy that told coach about a hand as he was pointing to his. Not sure if it was Fields or another player? I'm sure many are not excited about qb play but Haskins hit the nail on the head when asked about the young qb's and he said their young qb's. Remember Haskins had a entire year more of play over Fields here in this system. Still not very fond of Victor frail and awkward sums him up imo. I know it was goofing around and the Spring game but a penalty on him would of been called for taunting on the td. I'm sure that will be addressed and the game official told him the same on the side lines after the play. Over all I thought it was a hard game to evaluate a lot of things but Fields will be a weapon running the ball. Imagine him in place of Martell last year with his run efferts. He will be more of a Braxton or T.Smith than JT running the ball.