Spring Game Viewing in the Seattle Area?

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I called around my network, and evidently the place to go is the Buckley's in Belltown @ 2nd and Battery (not the one in Queen Anne).

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Into the belly of the beast!??  (For non-Seattle-ites, this is well known as the local scUM gamewatch venue.)

Good find though.  I couldn't find anyplace that opened before 11.

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If you don't have cable, one way is to use a streaming service like YouTube TV or Hulu Live TV.  Both carry the B10 Network and usually have a free trial period.  I got rid of my cable because it was costing over $200/month.  I get all the channels I want to watch(locals included) with Hulu Live TV for $45 per month.

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You need to be a cable subscriber to make use of the BTN2Go streaming: https://www.btn2go.com/game/ohio-state-spring-football-2

So no help there. 

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Head over to Lingas drink up all the beer.

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I won’t be home so the home is his ... 

The off season bites !!

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