Ohio State Offensive Lineman Kevin Woidke Proud to Be on Scholarship After Four Years of Hard Work As a Walk-On

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Good for Kevin Woidke in pursuing his goals, and then putting in the hard work to see them through - it's great to read Ohio State is willing to reward him this coming season for all his efforts.

Guys like him may not show up on the stat sheet or the post-game write-ups, but Woidke has proven to be a valuable member of the program.

Excellent read.

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Spot on.  I think we as fans sometimes forget and definitely underestimate the value the walk-ons bring to the football team and in other sports.  You have to have somebody to practice against and I think the walk-ons bring a certain work ethic to what they do that actually rubs off on the guys who are regular players.

I don't buy one goddam drop of gas in the state of Michigan!

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All these good offseason reads on the offensive line...and it could add up to good things when things kick off later this year.

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I also saw in the 2018 Media Guide that Kevin received his first varsity letter in 2017.  I imagine there are a number of players who take getting a varsity letter for granted but I also imagine that Kevin was very proud to have achieved that milestone as a walk-on.

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Sounds like another of the really great people on the Buckeye football team.  Certainly has his head on straight!  Has set a great example for how hard work and perseverance pay off.  

Beat everyone, in every sport, all the time!!!

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Always see Kevin on the sideline motivating his brothers. Gives great effort every spring game and looks pretty damn talented as well. Always smiling. Great character 

" It's real good whatcha done Anthony, real good ! "

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Nice work youngin!

It doesn't matter whether you're the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you'd better be running.

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It is great to see hard work rewarded. What a great attitude! Well deserved scholly it appears. Keep it up young man!

You Got Barbecue Back There!?!?!?!

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inspiration thru perspiration in anonymity....

inspires beyond measure, often beyond our recognition, let alone comprehension.

...compared to how we naturally compare,  this compares... better.

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True success story to spend four years with the program as a walk-on and to earn a scholarship during his final year. Congrats to Kevin.

11 Strong.

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Love to see hard work paying off for a walk-on. Congrats, young Buck!

"You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, & in the manner in which you live.
So, live. Live. Fight like hell. And when you get too tired to fight then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you. "
- Stuart Scott

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I agree with all of those who knew they had a better chance at the NFL (however unlikely) by going to practice at The Ohio State University instead of a smaller school. If you get a free agent try out after a pro day workout, then you take it.


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NFL aside, the perks of Ohio State vs a smaller school are pretty hard to pass up. The athletic facilities + the level of coaching you'll receive, Ohio State's campus in general, the education/degree from Ohio State, the Ohio State collegiate experience, living in Columbus, job opportunities after school etc. Plus, for the rest of your life you can say that you played football at Ohio State and nobody can take that away from you.

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Not to be argumentative, but going to Columbia ( a small school) also can lead to post school opportunities.

Tony Stark

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For sure. I was thinking more so along the lines of a MAC school.

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Congratulations. Best of luck going forward. I hope you can make a solid contribution. We all appreciate your efforts.

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When I brought my step-son down for the one day camp last June, Kevin was one of the guys helping set it up and direct people where to go. 

Kid always had a smile on his face and was extremely cordial and outgoing.  I asked him his name and where he was from.  We had a nice 5 minute conversation.  Great kid!

Findlay by birth, Buckeye by the grace of God.

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I wish the NCAA would allow all FBS schools 2 additional scholarships, only to be used for walk-ons who have been in a program, say 2 - 3 years and maybe build in a academic component. It would be both a reward and an incentive for these invaluable student atheletes.

I don't give a damn for the whole state of Xichigan.