Gavin Cupp Maintaining Focus on Daily Grind While Competing for First Significant Playing Time at Ohio State

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Good for him! And whether or not he earns the start this year, I would imagine Cupp would be a presumptive starter going into his Senior year, so I'm definitely glad he's pushing for the position and getting the reps now.

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Man. There’s quite a few young men on this OLine that you just have to root for. Cupp is definitely one of them. Great to see them putting in the work. 

“For me, this is who we are. We have a culture. We work at it very hard. And we’re efficient at it.” - Coach Day

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To me, this kind of attitude and player is one of the underlying reasons why the Buckeyes are consistently a great team and University.

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Gavin Cupp looking, and sounding, like the elder of the tribe here.

Starter or no, appreciate his hard work and approach to it all.

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No doubt, guys like Cupp are the unsung heart of any great program.

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“I’m really just a guy who gives it his all,” Cupp said. “It’s not going to be right all the time. I’m going to have some mistakes. But I’m going to give it my all.”

This is all you want to hear if you are a coach. A coach can help a player in the weight room or on the field with their technique. They can put them in position to be successful, but they can’t supply the effort or want to. That has to come from the player. 

Mr. Cupp was well spoken (and looks about 30)

emotionally exhausted and morally bankrupt 

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This comment epitomizes Putnam county and it's athletes. It's as small, as small towns come. Stories I've heard about this kid from people that have known him are he's as good as they come, off the field. Keep grinding mr. Cupp!!!

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is the great man the one with the amazing talent, the tremendous gifts?


the ordinary man, who accomplishes extraordinary things... and keeps on going, come what may?

===when I read about guys like Gavin Cupp... his efforts, his perseverance... inspire.  OTOH, to whom much is given, much is expected.  Yet any team is made up of unique individuals somewhere in the mystery of 'e pluribus unum'  to a cause, a mission greater than themselves.

===that said... it would be a life-threatening 'choice' of the 'chooser'... to 'count' each person who is a work in progress, done, whether 'up' or 'down'.

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Good for him...nice to see a small town guy excel on the big stage.  Leipsic's a town of @ 2K people & plays in the Blanchard Valley Conference, same conference Aaron Craft played in.   Work ethic & attitude goes a long way... 

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With Jonah Jackson set to arrive this summer as a graduate transfer from Rutgers, Cupp still faces an uphill climb to earning a starting job this fall.

My 12 year old son earned his way onto the majors baseball team as a catcher at our Academy and now there is a stud moving in from Texas. I have told him to embrace the challenge and get better. He is currently hitting .455 with a 1.182 OPS.

All you can do is your best. Go after it, Gavin.

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Thanks for the unrelated self-gloss on your son. :)

Tony Stark

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Best of luck, Mr. Cupp!  Earn your spot and never look back...

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I still remember the recruiting saga when his offer was yanked from MSU.  Hoping the best for him.

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To Gavin Cupp, thank you for your time and effort. Every day young men see each other striving and truly do not count stars - they count plays with effort, hours of training along side each other -, and willingness/ability to get it done! 

I would rather be on hand with 10 men then elsewhere with 10,000 - Timur Lenk