This Week's Question: Pick One Non-revenue Sport (besides Wrestling and Hockey) to Get the Most Kickass Venue in College Sports.

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Baseball or Softball. Add in a beer deck, food court with great stadium food from around the country, Brutus with a T-Shirt cannon, and surprise appearances by Morganna the Kissing Bandit (Dating myself). That all would make for a great experience.

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It would have to most likely be baseball. Although a cool gymnastics facility would be a feather in the cap given how big the rush is for that stuff come Olympics time.

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Pistols. Anyone can shoot when it’s quiet. Do it with soccer hooligans in the stand.

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Personally, i would go with volleyball, including a convertible stadium that allowed OSU to have the only college beach volleyball team in the B1G  (But Pistol team is excellent choice, too!)

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I'll second lacrosse. Football stadia aren't the best venues because you're generally too far away from the action. Lacrosse needs to be viewed close-up, like hockey, because it's such a fast sport.

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Every hole should be like #16 at the Waste Management Open

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Tennis. Top team and smaller venue so financially more doable. 

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Have to go lacrosse (living in Maryland, extended family ingrained in the sport, and the Buckeyes seem to be doing ok lately...) as well.

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Soccer with Lacrosse.

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I wanna see a nice tiddleywink stadium.

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fencing without protective gear, win or die

pistol at six paces

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Curling, enough said

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It would be cool to have a great (not necessarily large) baseball stadium on campus. The team has really hung around the outskirts of relevance, and it would be cool to see the program get a needed boost from a new park close to campus. Maybe they would make the CWS now and then - and who doesn’t like eating peanuts and hotdogs with stadium mustard, and drinking beer while watching a ball game?  Ohio has a lot of baseball fans who would come out if they had a reason to go, I think. 

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Give them all black uniforms or the cocaine whites... yep, that sounds stupid no matter what sport we are writing about. My apologies. 

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