Buckeyes Are No. 3 Seed in West Regional

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A three seed and the very last one at that. Boy, did we get screwed. And how did Notre Dame get a far better spot than we did?

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ND won more than one of its last seven games. 

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You have no idea how hockey is seeded. First osu is not seeded lower than ND they were the 9th overall team and are playing the weakest 2 seed. Notre Dame is the lowest 3 seed. Teams are seeded essentially in accordance with the pairwise rankings. Osu finished 9th. It is an RPI type format. This tournament is not selected like the ncaa tourney with guys picking at large teams. Google pairwise rankings. Then you adjust in conference champions who otherwise would not have made it. Hope that helps.

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I realize that, but we still had the better regular season. We're B1G champs. They won what is basically an exhibition tournament.

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As in any NCAA sport come tournament time how well (or poor) you play down the stretch factors into your seeding.  Conference tournaments matter.

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Wrestling done, hoops is nearly over (as I comment)...

Help me, playoff hockey...you're my only hope.

Go Buckeyes. 

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Just play your butts off guys and have a little bit of fun while you're doing it. You've got all the pieces to do this, now's the time to pull together and just leave it all on the ice, give it all you got, leave nothing behind. We're all pulling for you. Good luck and Go Bucks!

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Tough draw. Come Buckeyes, I know you got it in ya!

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