March Madness: 3.22 Open Thread

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Gardner-Webb just looks like the better basketball team straight up. No funky upset David/Goliath situation here. Gardner-Webb looks like their basketball players are better than Virginia’s. 

UVA down 26-14, just took a timeout to try & stop the bleeding...

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I can’t believe this is happening 2 years in a row.

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ACC is currently lobbying the selection committee for five #1 seeds next year. They realize it will take a lot of steak dinners to restructure an entire tournament to award five #1 seeds. But they think they’re worth it.

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How dis this team win the ACC regular season? Seriously how do these 16 seeds teams know exactly how to beat them yet the entire ACC does not? Because they seem to know exactly their weakness

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Still a lot of time left in this game, I wouldn't be so quick to write off Virginia just yet.

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Sometimes I hate it when I'm right. 

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I just don't understand. If they lose the NCAA should ban them from the tourney for the next 5 years. 

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Refs trying to help out Virginia now. 3 fouls on GW this trip down, giving them free points at the line

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Yeah...  kind of sad that a #1 seed needs 4-5 ticky-tacky calls in a row to get back into the game against a #16 seed.

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I love seeing this.  It's what makes the Tourney so great.  

Fields of Dreams



UVA better light a fire under their own asses.

"You're the patron saint of the totally effed" - Hot Tub Time Machine

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Serious question - if UVa loses, do they fire Bennett?  To be both the first one to lose last year AND turn it into a losing streak?  Do you really come back from that?

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No. He lost 3 games this year. That brand of basketball with the right players wins you a lot of games. It also makes you succeptible to upsets like this. 

Should we have fired Urban Meyer after back to back blowout losses to Iowa and Purdue?

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Scoreboard Virginia. Scoreboard

That's a Buckeye touchdown!

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20 more minutes, G-Webb, you can do this!

That's a Buckeye touchdown!

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I picked UC Irvine as my upset I'm feeling good right now.....just for now


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Guess what 15 second ad runs on the March Madness App?

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Currently tied for 1st in the 11W tourney challenge. Let's see how long this lasts lol.


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Damn! Already had a 13 seed upset a 4 seed, and we have 3 more potential upsets in the making! As of this post:

  •  11 seed Arizona St is tied with 6 seed Buffalo
  • 15 seed Colgate is leading 2 seed Tennessee
  • 16 seed Gardner-Webb is leading 1 seed Virginia
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I think my comment must have been the kiss of death... all 3 underdogs are trailing now :-/

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Only lost one game yesterday. Today...not so lucky. 

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Refs haven’t called 1 foul on Virginia in the second half. Not one. Meanwhile they’re already in the bonus shooting free throws 

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Refs just called the first foul on Virginia at the 8 minute mark of the second half. What a joke

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There is someone in my bracket pool that has a perfect bracket as of now.  His bracket has OSU in the sweet 16, so I hope it stays perfect.

"I love football.  I think its the most wonderful game in the world and I despise to lose" - Woody Hayes

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Well... Wisconsin got their 50. They weren’t counting on the Ducks cracking the 70 mark.

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NDSU up on Duke ten minutes into that game. I'd say stranger things have happened, but no, they haven't. 

What we have currently available is what we have available.

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UC Irvine.  I guess I can call them my 'home' team.  They are only a few miles from my house.

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TV Teddy is doing the GA ST/HOU game. Are we going to get him for our game?

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Houston has some dudes 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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With Liberty's upset, I'm tied for 10th in the Eleven Warriors group!

That's a Buckeye touchdown!